Fraud warning

I recently found a transaction in my PayPal account I didn’t authorize. It was charged during the middle of the time I was on our sailboat sailing around Alaska’s Kodiak island. This can be verified through the US Coast Guard station on Kodiak since we had to contact them when we had engine failure and several times after to update them of our progress.

The company name is very deceptive. It’s “e-Bay Inc Shipping“. That makes it sound legitimate, especially if you order from e-bay or do electronic shipping labels. However, I haven’t ordered from e-bay in several months. Nor does any purchase from them show up on my e-bay account. I filed a claim through PayPal. As of this morning the other company has yet to respond. I don’t think they will. This is a scam/fraud.

Please if you have PayPal, check it carefully to verify each charge is legitimate. Don’t just assume from the company names, especially if you make purchases from sites like e-bay. Scammers are cleaver and take advantage of less dillegent people through misleading names. Stay alert. If you find something amiss, you have 45 days from the date of the transaction with PayPal to file a dispute.