Jillian Michaels ad ploy

In the July edition of Oxygen magazine, there is an ad for Jillian Michaels videos. The ad states you pay just $4.95 for shipping to get 2 of her DVDs (30 Day Shred and Shred It With Weights). It also says see her website for details. Today I finally did.

Here’s what the ad doesn’t say. These videos sell for less than $10 each, so they are not that expensive to begin with. In order to get the discounted price, you have to also sign up for her online program at $4/WEEK.

You’ll get 2 weeks free and can cancel anytime. However, marketers know that if you don’t cancel right away, chances are after just 2 weeks, you probably won’t. Then you’ll be billed $4 every week. That’s $200/year just because you wanted less than $20 worth of DVDs.

So unless you’re one of those savvy people who can remember to cancel memberships like this or you really want her online service anyway, save your extra money and run to the video store instead. Who knows, they may even be having a sale.

Fitness update 2009 #6, I need smaller clothes

I’ve only lost about 7 pounds this year but have toned up a lot. As a result, I need smaller clothes. I realized a week or so ago that I was shrinking. My favorite skirt is way too loose. I don’t know if I should be glad or mad. Anyway, yesterday at water aerobics I realized I will also be needing a smaller bathing suit. This one has fitted nicely for several years but now I wiggle in it. It too is getting loose. I was wanting a new suit anyway as this one is old and faded but I like the new reason better; it’s too big. I’m going to wait until just before leaving for vacation next month to go clothes shopping though because I’m still losing more weight.

As for my progress this week, blah. I’ve not changed weight. Some weeks are like that I guess. It’s just after last week’s wonderful loss, I was hoping to do it again. Just goes to show that unless we work diligently for what we hope for it won’t happen.

A few bits of good news. The Post Office says the package with Rockin Body went through Washington state today. It should be here in the next day or two. BeachBody says my Turbo Jam shipped on Tuesday . I hope it arrives soon. Also they gave me free shipping to compensate for my troubles. Now I’m really excited. If I knew which flight the mail sack was on I’d go meet it at the airport.

I haven’t been eating very well, not exactly poorly, but not great. I’ve let myself have seconds twice, arghh. We went shopping Sunday and have fresh stuff in the house again but my SAD is making me crave carbs. My husband insisted on buying mac&cheese “for the kids”. It’s one of my big weaknesses. There’s no way the kids will eat it and I won’t. That’s just not realistic and every time I eat it I gain weight because I eat too much. I know this yet do it anyway.

Exercise is somewhere in the middle this week. Again, I blame my SAD. It just makes me want to curl up and be lazy. I know exercise helps but that’s just what I don’t want to do. It’s hard to keep motivated. I have done Burn It Up 3 times and Ramp It Up once this week. I’ve also gone to the gym twice including water aerobics last night. That was fun. I’ll have to try to keep going. Before doing Slim in 6, the classes felt like a great workout. Last night didn’t seem much effort most of the time.

Let’s talk about excuses. Ok, I know there’s been a fair amount of talk about Biggest Loser this week but I’m going to add my 2 cents (bear with me as I will relate this to my week). The at home contestants returned and were weighed to see how they did while gone. One yellow team woman lost 2 pounds. The other contestants were high single digits or double digits. When asked why her loss was so much lower, she claimed 4-5 hours at the gym a day (she also has 5 kids). She claimed she was building muscle and toning up. Later another contestant (Joelle) lost no weight during the week at the ranch. Joelle has had numerous second chances (she’s been in danger of elimination twice before). She claimed to be adding intensity and trying new things. I’m sure there was a lot of editing but the clips with Joelle in the gym showed her wandering around and giving a poor effort on what she did do while the other contestants were working hard. Both women were simply making excuses. The other contestants realized this and finally voted Joelle and her partner off unanimously. They were tired of excuses and poor performances. The real reason for both these women is also the reason for my non-loss this week: lack of commitment. The excuses/explanations behind the reason don’t matter. The outcome is still the same.

I blame my SAD for lack of progress this past week both eating and exercise. However, I know this is just an excuse. Me trying to blame my problems on something else. I didn’t try as had as I could have. That’s the ultimate reason. I just didn’t give my 100% and it showed. I wasn’t building muscle. It wasn’t water gain. It was ultimately just lack of commitment, pure and simple.

My goal for the week is to start the weight going down again. To do this I need to be strict about eating and diligently exercise. I need to have self control and resist over indulging on carbs. This week may be rather hard because my birthday is Sunday and we plan to go out to brunch buffet. I have to work extra hard to make up for that. I need to lose 2.5 pounds to meet February’s weight goal. I’d really like to get enough ahead so I don’t have to worry about weight while on the cruise.