2nd Grade -r

2008-2009 SEcond grade RICHARD

A lot of exciting changes are in store for us this year. I will be taking the plunge into literature based curriculum for second grade. I am switching from Abeka to Christian Light Education for language arts and reading. Plus, little Karen will be joining us for preschool.

End of year update 7/1/09: The switch to Christian Light Education was just what we needed to get him back into enjoying school again. Abeka’s handwriting book was great. The arguments about doing school were far fewer. He enjoyed the variety of activities while still in a structured lesson format. It was also easier for me to teach since it didn’t take an hour to introduce the lessons. We plan to continue with CLE next year.

Math: 2 digit addition/subtraction, estimation, money

Math-U-See Beta student & teacher kits $55

Language Arts: advanced phonics, beginning parts of speech, punctuation, spelling

As I stated in prior posts, Richard has been burned out with Abeka by the end of both the last two school years. Yes, he has learned a lot but it isn’t fun or engaging. The work is very repetitive. Drilled the death, he was tuning out, making the last third of the books a real struggle. So I have been looking for new language arts program which is comprehensive and engaging. While Abeka is comprehensive, it isn’t very engaging. WinterPromise seems engaging but I’m not sure how comprehensive it is.

Well, I looked over the scope and sequence and some of the workbooks for CLE (Christian Light Education) 2nd and 3rd grade language arts. He is somewhere in between them so I decided 2nd would be good. I don’t want to skip some important things and the things he already knows will be good review. It seems more balanced than the Abeka and definitely more gentle but still very thorough.

Another thing I like about CLE is that they have study skills throughout all their different programs. Their website has this to say about the reading program: “A major goal of this reading program is to teach children to think…One goal of this [reading] series is to give him the needed skills to make those decisions by thinking that is based on God’s word.” The more I see about them, the more I like them.

The readers for CLE seem more wholesome. Richard really likes that style of story. He’s already read the Abeka readers so I’m not sure how much more he’ll get out of reading them again. Especially since they have few questions other than very basic comprehension. Whereas the CLE has both comprehension and reading skills questions related to the readings.

Even with the reading program, CLE is still cheaper than Abeka. The cost for CLE’s 10 LA workbooks, 10 reading workbooks, 2 hardcover readers, and reading guide was $92. It cost over $60 just for the Abeka workbooks. Then the guidebook is $35 and the readers are over $100. This makes the total cost for Abeka more than double that of CLE. I already had several readers so I (thankfully) only spent around $100 (I’ve now returned most of the order). Our homeschool program won’t cover either so I’d prefer to save money, especially if it is a better fit for us. I will start Karen in it rather than Abeka so she doesn’t have to switch. I know she’ll like it since she is enjoying their preschool coloring workbooks.

Abeka: Spelling 2, Handwriting 2 (beginning cursive)

Christian Light Education: LA2 and Reading 2 $92

supplemented with selections from WinterPromise LA2

Wordly Wise 3000 book 2 $12 (didn’t use this, summer enrichment?)

Mink, A Fink & A Skating Rink: What is a Noun? $6, fun book
To Root, To Toot, To Parachute: What is a Verb? $6, fun book
Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What is an Adjective? $6, fun book

Literature: beginning chapter books

WinterPromise: American Story 1 LA2 readers $90

Abeka: 2nd grade readers

History: US History discovery to Civil War. We’re looking forward to taking the plunge into literature based curriculum here as well as fun CD recordings.

WinterPromise: American Story 1 $457

supplemented with some books from Sonlight Core3

recordings by Jim Weiss (American Tall Tales, Thomas Jefferson’s America, Abraham Lincoln) $40

Adventures in Odyssey: For God & Country 12 episode set $25

Science: introductory science concepts and experiments. This is also a literature based curriculum.

WinterPromise: The World Around Me $99 too easy

Real Science 4 Kids: level pre-1 biology & chemistry $130

Pop Bottle Science $13

Art: The original plan was Atelier Art level 2 $75 (module 1 + guide), $110 (modules 2&3 if we liked it). I still may but when in Virginia I looked at the Artpac3 and actually liked it and bought that.

Bible: Old Testament stories

Christian Light Education: Bible 200, readings from KJV

Music: Abeka: Songs We Enjoy 2

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