2004-2006 PRESCHOOL – Since we were on our sailboat a lot of the time, we didn’t use a lot of expensive “learning tools and games” but rather took advantage of many teachable moments in our day. We made it as fun as possible with homemade games. Our favorites were the matching game and macaroni math. The matching game included any subject which could have items matched: letters, numbers, words/pictures, etc. This is how our son primarily learned his numbers and letters. Macaroni math began as an extension of the matching game using just a simple notebook with numbers written on it onto which he then counted the correct number of macaroni. Later the notebook was replaced with a small cardboard mat with shapes and numbers from Pizza Hut of all places. I did use two big workbooks.

Complete Curriculum Preschool: Home Learning Tools (I actually had to use 2 of these since the one on the boat got wet sailing back to Alaska)

Total Reading Preschool: American Education Publishing

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