Kindergarten -r

2006-2007 KINDERGARTEN – This year we started more traditional books and workbooks for separate subjects. Our son is only 4 and not enrolled in any state program. We set a budget of $200 and were able to create a basic curriculum which was educational as well as fun. We did not have a specific curriculum for science or social studies this year but will likely start them with first grade. We watch PBS shows a few nights a week.

Hooked on Phonics also

I got this workbook from Fred Meyer in August while I was waiting for the Abeka Book order to come in. It was a good starter and later used as a supplemental book.

Beginning Words Kindergarten $3.79


This is a great math program using blocks to reinforce concepts which, unlike some other programs, goes all the way through high school. The books are not arranged by grade but do get harder with each level. The pages are black and white without any distracting characters or pictures. Each lesson has a review of prior lessons. They have a free DVD which outlines the program. I played it to my son and he enthusiastically asked when we could get it. The Teacher Pack has the guidebook with answer key and a DVD which introduces each lesson. We watch a group of lessons together then do them.

Primer Teacher Pack & Student kit, starter blocks ordered 8/2/06 $82 shipped 8/4

A Beka Book

Christian publishing/homschool company not covered with state funds. Even though we will not be reimbursed, these are great for Language Arts (spelling, phonics/reading, handwritning, grammar, etc) and I will likely continue to use them. There is a teacher/parent guide for Language Arts as well as some phonics readers that I didn’t buy because the work is self explanatory and I have already been using the Bob Books and Scholastic Phonics Readers for readers. Their science book for kindergarten is very dull and overly simplistic so I wouldn’t recommend it, nor did I buy it.

Readiness Skills K, Letters & Sounds K5, Writing with Phonics K5, Art Projects K, Song Time for Kingergarten CD ordered 7/14/06 $54.35 shipped 7/27

Little Owl Books K4 set of 8 phonics readers $6.50 regular price, $6 E-bay (including shipping!)

My Blend and Word Book $3.95 regular price, part of a yard sale collection $0.50

Basic Phonics Readers Set of 12 readers $11.95 regular price, part of yard sale collection $1 used for summer reading/review

Bob Books

Simple, engaging characters and basic vocabulary introduce kids to the joy of reading. My son loves them. They slowly get more difficult, building upon the words already learned.

First! E-bay 7/06 $9.50


National school publisher with wide range of products and books for all subjects. Website search is clumsy and brings in lots of stuff only vaguely related to what you want.

Phonics Readers Books 1-12 (set 1)- These are kind of hard to find in a one book/reader set but worth it. (only available in 6 copies per reader set on the website). I bought them on e-bay for less than $10.

McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing

Well, I decided to try some basic social studies after all, starting second semester (Jan 2007). I found the kindergarten level of a first grade supplemental book that I got at a garage sale over the summer. They were both on sale so I got 2 for the price of 1! They are blackline masters which I can copy (it’s so nice to have our own copier!) when we need to do a page.

Great American Patriots Grade K $4.50 (original price)

Patriotic Traditions Grade K $4.50 (original price)

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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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