Kindergarten -k

2009-2010 Kindergarten -Karen

Watch out kindergarten, here comes Karen!

After watching the first 10 math lessons together and asking her a few questions, I think she will be ready to do kindergarten in the fall. She will be doing the ABC readiness series this spring. I e-mailed the homeschool program and they have restarted the $200 pre-k allotment which would allow me to get her own set of math blocks and the Primer workbook as well as whatever non-CLE reading or other materials we may need.

Here’s what curriculum I plan to use for her kindergarten:

Math: Math-U-See Primer & starter blocks $45

Reading: Christian Light Education Learning to Read $90

includes teacher guide, letter & word/phrase flash cards, student workbooks, I Can Read (reader)

I didn’t plant to  include Reading 100 or Language Arts 100, but got a great deal on them so went ahead and bought them too. These may be used later than scheduled depending upon how she is doing at the recommended start times. This sequence is their first grade. CLE doesn’t have a kindergarten program. I don’t want to jump from here to second grade because then she will be 2 grades ahead instead of just 1. We will probably take a year off from CLE and do fun stuff before picking up in second grade again.

Writing: Abeka either ABC Writing Tablet $9.50 or K5 Writing with Phonics $10

That should keep us busy. We will add in extras like learning videos, library trips, and read alouds depending upon her her interests. She will probably also do some of her brother’s history projects. I may try to do WinterPromise’s Amimal Worlds. We have most of the books but I would need to order items specific to the pre-k to first grade level since I originally ordered the 2nd grade level for her brother.

Fun things I may get:

25 Word Family Mini Books $8.50 Rainbow Resource

Bob Books (in color) all 5 sets $60 Rainbow Resource

Phonics Wheels $9.75 Rainbow Resource

swim lessons

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