Highschool -r


  • MATH: CLE Algebra 1
    • CLE English 1
    • WRITING: Radar, Rockets, and Robotics (Institute for Excellence in Writing)
  • SCIENCE: biology microscope experiments
  • ECONOMICS: sit in on a UAF stock investing course
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: CLE Social Studies 900 (Civics & World Geography)
  • PE: FXC Jr Devo running & ski team



  • MATH: Saxon geometry
  • SCIENCE: Holt Modern Chemistry (AP?)
  • HISTORY/BIBLE: Sonlight 320-20th Century World history
  • LITERATURE/ENGLISH: Sonlight 230-Classical Literature
  • PE: FXC Prep running & ski team

We decided to move away from Christian Light Education for Richard this year. While we’ve had good success with most of Christian Light Education’s courses, many of the high school ones are not the updated Sonrise editions yet and so do not fit his learning style very well. He will switch to Sonlight for history, bible, literature, and English this year after he struggled last year with the CLE.  Plus, he now knows his facts well so more drill won’t be useful. Instead, I’m hoping Sonlight’s literature based programs will give him more of a chance to apply what he’s already learned. In addition, Sonlight uses real novels rather than an anthology textbook for literature study. Sonlight is a LOT more expensive but I’m hoping it will spark his love of learning again. He’s also using Saxon math instead.



If Sonlight works out, I hope to do Literature 400-American Literature next year (2017-18). Then Literature 600-British Literature the following year along with their economics course. He probably will skip Literature 500-World Literature. This is mostly ancient classics and tragedies that don’t interest him. He’s really excited about the other 2 courses though. The only thing he’d miss that I’m concerned about in Literature 500 is The Lively Art of Writing, but I can buy that and do it over the summer or something. He’s had a lot of grammar anyway with  CLE.


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