1st Grade -r

2007-2008 First Grade – Richard

We are going to do more subjects this year. We will continue to watch PBS shows. Math and language arts are the next level of the curriculum we used in kindergarten. The other subjects are either new or different curriculum. It should be a lot of fun using many different materials and books. I like the idea of several smaller books rather than one big textbook so we have the joy of finishing a book and anticipating starting a new one several times throughout the school year. Plus it is easier to manage and for him to handle. I just keep the unused ones in the bookcase until we are ready. The hard part about purchasing from many publishers rather than an all-in-one curriculum package is figuring out when to start each subject relative to the others. This is especially true for first grade. Last year wasn’t such a problem since we didn’t do much other than language arts, math and a little social studies. Many of the things I ordered are parts of larger all-in-one curriculum so I can look to see when they are introduced in that and coordinate it to when I want to be doing similar things. Next year should be easier since I will have had practice fitting it all together this year. Plus, if we like it, we can simply order the next levels.


Focus on Science A $10.25 workbook (Teacher Guide $10.50) http://www.rainbowresource.com/prodlist.php?sid=1167795725-58973&subject=11&category=75

Science Instant Readers Collection $30.72 https://jstore.harcourtschool.com/marketplace/index.html

Living or Nonliving?

What Do You See?

Animal Homes

Do Animals Live in Plants?


Water’s Journey

Check the Weather


Sink or Float?

Heat Changes Things

Push It or Pull It?

Jeff’s Magnet

Math (single digit addition, subtraction)

MathUSee http://mathusee.com/ $55

starter blocks from this year

Alpha Student kit $20 (30 lessons)

Alpha Teacher Pack $35

Social Studies (Geography)

Legends & Leagues Set Workbook and Reader $19 http://www.veritaspress.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=000965&variation=&aitem=1&mitem=4&dept=1010&pagenumber=&Grade=First&Subject=Geography

Map Skills B Continental Press $9.95 ($3.95 for Teacher Guide) http://www.continentalpress.com/series_detail.asp?intSeriesID=1019&intSubjectID=25

Christian Light Education http://clp.org

Social Studies 1- Light Unit 103: North America and Its People


First Favorites Collection http://www.veritaspress.com/store/products.asp?dept=1012&Grade=First&Subject=Literature&menuorder=bygrade

Vol. 1 $86.50, Comprehension guide $19.95

Vol. 2 $72, Comprehension guide $19.95

Language arts

Abeka Book

I did purchase one curriculum guide for language arts since it has so many different components and I don’t want to guess how and when they fit together.

End of year update: I wasn’t very satisfied with Abeka this year. The work was very repetitive and not engaging. By the end of the year he was tuning out and it was a real struggle to get anything done in language arts. I wound up just giving up. It wasn’t worth the frustration and tears (yes, he actually cried one day when I got out the workbooks). After looking over the second grade Abeka and seeing more of the same, I’ve decided to switch to Christian Light Education for language arts and reading.

Phonics and Reading 1 Home School Curriculum $35

Letters and Sounds 1 $4.50

Language 1 $12.25

Spelling and Poetry 1 $8.65

Writing with Phonics 1 $12.25

Fun with Pets $8.95

Tiptoes $8.95

Stepping Stones $8.95

Secrets and Surprises $8.95

The Bridge Book $8.95

Kind and Brave $8.95

Aesop’s Fables $9.95

Strong and True $8.95

Primary Bible Reader $9.95

Handbook for Reading $8.95

Art Projects 1 $10.95

Health/personal development

Christian Light Education

Social Studies 1- Light Unit 101: You Can Communicate

Social Studies 1- Light Unit 102: My Family and Feelings


Christian Light Education

Bible 1: Light Units 101-105

Cedarmont Kids

Bible Songs CD

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