4th Grade -r

2010-1011 Fourth Grade


This year will combine history and science in one literature based program. We will also have a separate project based physical science program to reinforce the concepts and theory he learned this year. This is partly because the last science program I got from WinterPromise was too light for him.

Math, language arts, Bible, and reading will continue with the next level of the current curriculum. He will do a separate writing program because writing is not covered specifically in Christian Light. They recommend getting a separate writing program if you want more writing instruction. Prices include instructor guides.

Bible: continue study of Gospels

Christian Light Education 400 $18

Language Arts: verbs, adverbs, writing, poetry

Christian Light Education 400 $52

Reading: recognize basic story construction, understand the mechanics of poetry, and distinguish between fact and opinion

Christian Light Education- 400 Beyond Bridges $28

Writing: introduction to writing structure and style

Institute for Excellence in Writing- All Things Fun & Fascinating $29

Physical science:  project based advanced program version

Exploration Education $140

History & Science: oceans, weather, airplanes, ships, and space

Winter Promise- Sea & Sky $439

Winter Promise – readers for Sea & Sky $82

Sonlight – All Set Sail by Armstrong Sperry $15, William Wilberforce by Holzmann $7, The Terrible Wave by Marden Dahlstedt $13

Greathall Productions: recording by Jim Weiss of Carry On Mr. Bowditch $33

Math: division

Math-U-See Delta $65

Art? He likes to draw so I thought more instruction in art techniques would be nice.

Abeka: Art Projects A

Art With a Purpose: Artpack 4 (assuming we finish 3)

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