3rd grade -r

2009-2010: Third grade

I think we are finally on track as far as curriculum goes. These will continue progressing through his correspondence school district’s goal levels, and match his learning style. This may change of course as he progresses, but I’m satisfied we have a good mix for now. The year will be a bit more expensive because of all the science books and WinterPromise. However, the science will last him several years.

Here’s how third grade is shaping up.:

The district redid their targets so we now need to do Health along with PE

Health: nutrition, basic first aid, body systems

Abeka: Health Safety and Manners 3 $11.25

God’s Design for Life: Human Body $19.75

Scholastic: Human Body 20 make & do activities $20 (e-bay)

Science: physics (all from Rainbow Resource) $165.94

Real Science 4 Kids level 1 physics student text, workbook and teacher guide $62.95

God’s Design for Chemistry: Properties of Matter $19.75

God’s Design for the Physical World: Heat and Energy, Machines and Motion $39.50

Math: multiplication & area $55

Math-U-See Gama $55

History: US history civil war to late 20th century

WinterPromise American Story2 (w/out African American focus) $385

Language Arts: study skills, grammar, punctuation, composition, poetry, spelling, reference books $53

Christian Light Education 300

Reading: parts of a story, inferences, poetry, fiction/nonfiction, figures of speech, sequence $50

Christian Light Education 300- Doors to Discovery

Literature: AS2 readers & guide $72

Art: $8 (from Rainbow Resource or CLE)


Bible: New Testament stories $14.50

Christian Light Education 300

I have also decided we need a more formal weekly schedule for getting everything done each week. The past years I just did language arts and reading every day and the rest if time allowed. I tried to rotate science and history each week but that didn’t help. Some weeks got dropped (sometimes several in a row) and we ended up not getting everything done in either by the end of the year. This year, we’ll again do language arts, reading, and handwriting every day. The other subjects we’ll do 1-2 days/week on a set day. That way we get it done each week and know what to expect.

Monday- reading, writing, language arts, history

Tuesday- reading, writing, language arts, Bible, math

Wednesday- reading, writing, language arts, science/health

Thursday- reading, writing, language arts, Bible, math

Friday- reading, writing, language arts, history

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