1st grade -k

2010-2011 First Grade


She will finish Christian Light Education’s Learning to Read and do Reading 1 for the first half of the year. Then we will spend the rest of our time reading trade books starting with the First Favorites Collection from Veritas Press. Her brother had such fun with this that I just had to take time to have her do it as well. It’s important young readers experience quality books, what Charlotte Mason called “living books”, instead of just levelized readers. She will also be starting new subjects this year: social studies, Bible, and science. I have a lot of these materials already from her brother. I just need to purchase the consumables like workbooks for her.

Math (single digit addition, subtraction)

MathUSee http://mathusee.com/ $55

starter blocks from this year

Alpha Student kit $20 (30 lessons)

Alpha Teacher Pack $35

Social Studies (Geography)

Map Skills B Continental Press $9.95 ($3.95 for Teacher Guide) http://www.continentalpress.com/series_detail.asp?intSeriesID=1019&intSubjectID=25

Christian Light Education http://clp.org

Social Studies 1- Light Unit 103: North America and Its People


Christian Light Education – finish Learning to Read & Reading 100 series

Veritas Press

First Favorites Collection Vol. 1

Language arts

Christian Light Education – finish LA 100


Christian Light Education 100

Sonlight Bible 1 (Leading Little Ones to God)

Cedarmont Kids Bible Songs CD

Culture & Communication

Christian Light Education

Social Studies 1- Light Unit 101: You Can Communicate

Social Studies 1- Light Unit 102: My Family and Feelings

Science will grab for several different sources. Each of these stand alone programs is pretty basic so I think they should coordinate well together for a well rounded, fun, introductory science program.

Winter Promise: The World Around Me

This basic literature and activity program was bought for her brother a few years ago, but was too easy for him. I think it will be perfect for her now.

Bob Jones University: Science 1 textbook

Focus on Science A $10.25 workbook (Teacher Guide $10.50)

Science Instant Readers Collection $30.72

Living or Nonliving?

What Do You See?

Animal Homes

Do Animals Live in Plants?


Water’s Journey

Check the Weather


Sink or Float?

Heat Changes Things

Push It or Pull It?

Jeff’s Magnet

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