Slim in 6

Slim in 6 is a set of 3 workouts from Beach Body. It was the first workout program I ever ordered.

I’ve done Slim in 6 twice. The first time I quit about halfway through. The second time I kept at it until the end, and then some. Neither time I got very good weight loss. I think I lost 2 pounds the first time and 7 the second. Still, I did gain a lot of endurance and overall strength so it wasn’t a waste of time.

The idea is that you do these workouts progressively through 6 weeks. It is important to be able to fully complete each level comfortably before moving on because each one builds in intensity.

The first is Start It Up! You’re supposed to do this for a week or less. I think I did 2 days both times. It is just the intro to the moves. If you haven’t exercised in a long time, you probably would need a few more days. This is about half an hour workout.

After Start It Up! comes Ramp It Up! Here’s where things pick up. The workout is longer and more intense. She takes the basic moves and adds complexity and reps along with new moves. My arms and legs were burning the first few days. It is recommended about 2 weeks for this level. This is about an hour.

Finally Burn It Up! This is where things get serious. This is the final level. More sets, slightly different moves. 3 weeks is the recommended time for it. This is where the most significant body change is supposed to occur.

Each workout has several phases. There is a countdown clock for each phase as well as an overall countdown clock. First is the warm up. Then comes cardio. Be careful of your knees here. Mine were very sore throughout the program. While it is low impact, there is lots of weight bearing bending such as squats, lunges, and plies. Next is resistance (weight) training. I enjoyed these parts best. Ramp and Burn have a section of floor work to target specific muscles. Finally a cool down and stretching.

While the workouts were challenging and satisfying, they were a very repetitive. They were in the classic form of aerobics and targeted muscle training working to fatigue using sets and reps. There’s only 3 workouts. No variety so it gets rather boring doing the same thing day and day again. There is also a short workout and stretch session, but they are more of the same.

The music is annoying. The DVD has the option to turn it off. You can still hear the woman leading and cuing though so you won’t get off if you use your own music. I usually did that and listened to Enya instead. There’s also a few places where her counts are off which can be a bit confusing.

I really liked how she takes the time to explain and demonstrate good form rather than assuming you know or will pick it up as you go. She also points out and demonstrates common wrong form which is also helpful.

Overall, this was a good beginner exercise video series. If you’re unfamiliar with basic exercises, this is good. I wouldn’t get high hopes or expectations for dramatic weight loss though. If you like strict form and repetition but aren’t ready for more intense programs like Power90, this would be good. If you like variety, forget it. You probably will quit. Get something like Turbo Jam instead.

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