From FAT to fit

I am getting Fired Up about fitness! Why? I started Turbo Fire in mid-January 2011. This latest Beach Body home workout program features Chalene Johnson from Turbo Jam.  It’s a 90 day program that uses HIIT (high intensity interval training) to get your body burning the fat off.

As part of my motivation, I created a ticker to track my progress. Hop little rabbit. Hop down the scale.

I am a water fitness instructor. Definitely didn’t see that one coming a couple of years ago when I first started attending classes. If someone told me then that I’d be an instructor, I’d not have believed them.  The other instructors at my gym are so supportive and encouraging. It was actually their idea I become certified. Now I’m an employee of my gym teaching Aqua Fit twice a week. I’m still a work in progress, but am thrilled to be able to help others as I help myself. Hopefully Turbo Fire will get me into great shape to inspire others.

I have a few other Beach Body exercise programs including Slim in 6, Turbo Jam (Maximum Results and Fat Burning Elite sets), and Rockin Body. I also have another set of exercise videos I’m not sure who made and a membership at The Alaska Club for variety.

I began my weight loss journey 11/17/08 at 172 pounds. How’d I get so heavy? My fitness history tells the story.

I’m using the easy and practical NO S DIET along with exercise. Weigh-in day is Thursdays. I’ve kept off 10 pounds in the past year which is amazing since I’ve been gaining 10 pounds a year previously. 2011 should be even better. A new year, a new me! 😆 Watch for fitness updates Thursdays or Fridays.

I recently read someone’s blog tag “My stomach is not a wastebasket” and loved it. Why do we really eat so much junk anyway? Because it tastes good? I’m told antifreeze can taste good, but I know I shouldn’t drink it. That needs to be our attitude toward food. Just because something may taste good, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. Your stomach is not a wastebasket.

Read my post about what healthy eating really means. A couple of things go along with healthy eating. First, along with portion control is timing, especially snacks. I’m bad about evening snack. The kids have a bedtime snack and it’s hard not to munch along with them. However, I have to stop before I pop buttons. Adults don’t need to eat before sleeping. So no eating in the evenings. There’s a box full of herbal tea cartons in the pantry to have instead. Second, I discovered a few years ago that white popcorn will satisfy chocolate cravings. I pop it in a pot with just a bit of olive oil (keeps the pans in good shape too) then sprinkle Molly McButter over the top.

This page is to keep track of my fitness updates, exercise, and other health related posts. I’ve not been very consistent with my exercising lately so I’m going to log it here (most recent at the top). Perhaps I can find a pattern of when I do and don’t exercise.

What is fitness?

My HEALTH & FITNESS posts, including fitness updates

My reviews of products and classes I’ve done. These are just my opinions. You may have a different view. I’m not paid for any of these. Leave a comment on the review if you use or have tried these too letting me know what you think.

Slim in 6

Water Aerobics (coming soon)

Turbo Jam review

Turbo Jam 1 month update

TJ Live: Booty Sculpt + Abs, Cardio Party Remix

Rockin’ Body


EXERCISE LOG: Ideally I should be exercising 5-6 times/week with 2 of them strength training and cardio the other days. However, now that I’ve been logging my exercise for a few months, I’ve determined I only average exercising once every 3 days. Some weeks are more, others less, but the average is once every three days. Ugh. It’s better than nothing, but definitely needs improvement if I’m going to get fit. This does not include daily chores such as splitting and hauling firewood in the winter or hauling water and gardening in the summer unless I do an extra lot of it.

Date – Wt. – Exercise – Length, start time – Notes

Fr 1/21/11 – 168 – Aqua Zumba, swim – 1 hr, 20 mins – 1800

Th 1/20/11 – 168 – TF: Fire 30, Stretch 10 – 40 mins – 2000 – sore knee, but I made it through

Wed 1/19/11 – 168 – Turbo Fire: HIIT 15, Stretch 10 – 25 mins – 2130 – Whew!

Wed 1/19/11 – 168 -Aqua Fit instructor – 60 mins – 1800 -Thanks for dropping by, Shelia!

Mon 1/17/11 – n/a – Aqua Fit instructor – 60 mins – 1800

Sat 1/15/11 – na – Turbo Fire: Fire 30, Stretch 10 – 40 minutes

Fri 1/14/11 – n/a – Turbo Fire: Fire 30 – 20 minutes -1730 – quit early for birthday party

We 1/12/11 – n/a – Aqua Fit instructor – 60 mins – 1800

Mon 1/10/11 – n/a – Aqua Fit instructor 60 mins – 1800

Th 1/6/11 – 169 -TJ: Fat Blaster – 20 mins, 1800 – if this is what Turbo Fire will be like, it will kick my butt at first, but I’m getting there little by little

We 1/5/11 – n/a – resistance band – 20 mins, 2300 – called in sick to work 😦

Mo 1/3/11 – 169 – Aqua Fit instructor – 1hr, 1800 – Happy New Year!

Su 1/2/11 – 170 – Turbo Jam, Fat Blaster – 15 mins, 2100 – quit early due to sore heel

Aug & Sept 2010

Mar. 2010

Feb. 2010

Jan. 2010

Dec. 2009

3 Responses

  1. You plan looks good. And you’re right: Our stomachs are not garbage cans.

    The best of luck in your weight loss efforts,

  2. Sunny,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I just started a 60 fitness challenge. Can’t wait to see where we all are in 2 months!

  3. The hardest thing for me is not eating along with the kids…it’s not that they’re necessarily eating anything bad, it’s just that I often eat my portion, then eat their leftovers!

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