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These website I have found useful, interesting, informative, or inspiring. Please note that these are independent sites and their views are not necessarily endorsed by me. Some are interesting because I don’t agree. It’s always good to be aware of the arguments against your views since not everyone agrees, especially in matters of faith. Happy browsing! I’m trying to arrange sites by category and some may fit more than one but are only listed once. I’ll add to this list as I find more interesting links. Please let me know if any of these aren’t working.


Christian Light Publishers Official homepage for Christian Light Education homeschool and other conservative Christian books

Rod and Staff Books Website for ordering Christian books, tracts, music (note: Rod & Staff Publishers has no official homepage, this is the best I’ve found for ordering Rod & Staff or other conservative Christian books, homeschool materials that aren’t available at CLP)

A Beka (Abeka) Book Homepage of A Beka Book homeschool

Homeschool Blogger Browse random homeschool blogs (or create your own)

Scroll Publishing Conservative Christian books (discount for bulk purchases)


KIAM Christian AM radio station from Nenana, Alaska I enjoy listening to

Proclaim! radio program from Moody Radio featuring Michael Easley

Insight for Living radio program featuring Chuck Swindoll

Turning Point radio program featuring Dr. David Jeremiah

Walk in the Word radio program featuring James MacDonald

Family Life Today radio program featuring Dennis Rainey

Adventures in Odyssey children’s radio drama


Bible verses by topic, a quick refrence not a complete concordance

BibleGateway searchable Bible in 100 versions, 50 languages by keyword, passage, or topic

Intro to Bible Translations a good primer into some modern Bible translations with brief history of the KJV

Which Bible is for Me? Discussion of major English Bible translations with pros and cons for each

What is the Best Bible Translation? Discussion of bible translations (pro-KJV site)

The NIV Report (condensed) changes from the KJV to NIV


Northern Lights Church of Christ the church we currently attend

How I Love Thee Conservative Mennonite woman and homeschool mom with wonderfully candid answers about family, faith, homemaking, and homeschool

Anabaptists.org online introduction to Anabaptist churches and beliefs including conservative Mennonite

Confession of Faith and Practice from Charity Ministries

Spokane Hutterian Brotherhood YouTube video of Hutterite colony near Spokane, WA

Spokane’s Hutterite Community article in Columbia Magazine, fall 2000

Modern Mennonites website depicting modern conservative (not Old Order) Mennonites in Canada

In Name Only editorial on modern Mennonite churches move away from traditional Mennonite practices

Multicultural Canada: Mennonites history of Mennonites in Canada

Brief history of Mennonite migration for non-resistance during US Revolutionary War to Canada


Let Her be Veiled study of 1 Corinthians11:1-16 in e-book format

Link between headcovering and divorce not sure this is a true correlation but still an interesting article

Christian Coverings great website selling headcovering and modest dress with a “reading corner” of interesting articles

Garlands of Grace sells veil headcoverings

Plain & Simple Headcoverings sells a variety of headcoverings (also a few yummy recipes.)

Church Appearance Quiz great quiz about personal appearance in church through history

Mom’s for Modesty old site current site

Sew a headcovering website detailing the “how to” of sewing a square brim prayer kap

On Pins and Needles sewing a tube style chapel veil

The Sewing Room from Shephard’s Hill on basic sewing

Gehman’s Country Fabrics & More the name says it all. Great place for quality, durable fabrics

USA Today article on headcovering

Plain Catholic blog page on Christian modesty and headcovering

Online modest clothes list of online sellers of modest clothes

Sewn to Order Modest Clothes more comprehensive list of modest clothing sellers/makers

Vermont Country Store clothes (including hard to find longer slips), household items, toys

Friends Patterns plain clothes patterns for men, women, boys and girls

Candle on the Hill modest sewing patterns (this is where I bought my cape dress & nightgown patterns)

Plainly Dressed sells cape dresses, headcoverings

Modest Handmaidens new, used, and patterns for clothes and limited fabric selection reasonably priced

Myths About the Headcovering 9 myths about headcovering in easy to read style

The Reformed Presbytery in North America issued a position against covering in 2001

Free Presbyterian Church supports headcovering (in church)

Worldly Conformity in Dress study of nonconformity in dress as relating to churches

Thesis (?) on Plain Dress

How Come…? What some little things like eyeshadow signify


Holy Water? This is taking the bottled water craze too far!

Changing the Trinity Yikes! PC/ultra-feminism at its best (worst!) in the Presbyterian church, another way society (and satan) is influencing and in the process degrading the church.

Clowning Around in Church How fun! Probably won’t want to do this every Sunday, but there’s no reason for solemenity every church service.

Free House Church Resources for a Vibrant Home Church resources for those wanting to do conservative, Bible based church at home (or perhaps starting a new church)

Surveys by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, thought provoking short questions

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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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