My Book List


Books I’m considering or on my wish list:

Naturally Healthy Pregnancy by Shonda Parker

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

My family and I love to read. Here are some Christian books by category that I have. Most I bought from Christian Light Publications or Rod & Staff Books. Hopefully someone else can find these interesting, useful, or inspiring. Some books fit more than one category (especially historical fiction) but are only listed once.

Historical fiction:

Report for Duty. Lily A. Bear. Christian Light Publications. 2003. WW1, US Conscientious objector, 1918 flu epidemic

The Earth is Round. Margaret Epp. Christian Light Publications. 1998. Late 1800’s, migration, European religious persecution, homesteading, Mennonites in Canada

For His Sake. Mildred Schrock. Christian Light Publications. 1972, 2006. Late 1800’s, migration, European religions persecution, homesteading

Not Regina. Christmas Carol Kauffman. Christian Light Publications.1954, 2006. Protestant reformation, late 1500’s, European religious persecution, Anabaptist history

A Captain for Hans. Rebecca Martin. Pathway Publishers. 2005. Protestant reformation, late 1600’s, European religious persecution, Anabaptist history, Conscientious objector

War Torn Valley. Joyce Miller. Rod and Staff Publishers. 1990. US Civil War, rural Virginia, Conscientious objector, Mennonite history

Valley of My Heart. Judy Yoder. US Civil War, rural Virginia, Conscientious objector, Mennonite history, similar to War Torn Valley but for a more mature reader

They Would Not be Moved. Harvey Yoder. TGS International. 2002. Communist persecution

But Not Forsaken. Helen Good Brenneman. Christian Light Publications. 2006. WWII Europe


What Shall the Redeemed Wear?. Simon Schrock. Simon Schrock. 2000.

Personal Appearance in the Light of God’s Word. Lloyd Hartzler. Christian Light Publications. 1972.


Holy Humor. Fellowship of Merry Christians. 1996


Nonresistance or Pacifism- Which?. James A. Goering. Christian Light Publications. 2000.

Why I Couldn’t Fight. Lloyd A. Kniss. Christian Light Publications. 1994.


NEW! Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God. Brenda Weaver. Christian Light Publications. 2007.

A Virtuous Woman. Ruth Mast. Rod and Staff Publishers. 2004.

A Woman by God’s Grace. Anna Mary Byler. Vision Publishers. 2007.


NEW! Separation and Nonconformity. Roger L. Berry & Lloyd Hartzler. Christian Light Publications. 2004.

Introduction to Mennonite Doctrine and Practice. David Null. Rod and Staff Publishers. 2004.

Cup & Cross, An Introduction to Anabaptist History. Michael S. Martin. Rod and Staff Publishers. 2005.

The Kingdom that Turned the World Upside Down. David W. Bercot. Scroll Publishing. 2003.

Teaching & Education:

NEW! The Master Teacher. Ruth O. Hobbs. Rod and Staff Publishers. 1986. (personally autographed, thanks Sister Ruth!)

NEW! What the Bible Says About Child Training. J. Richard Fugate. Christian Light Publications. 2004.

NEW! Handbook for Creative Teaching. David L. Martin. Rod and Staff Publishers. 1986.

NEW! Homeschool Handbook. Christian Light Education. 2007.

NEW! Classroom Procedures Manual. Christian Light Education.

Teaching Bible Memory. Rod and Staff Publishers.


NEW! I Can’t Sing: A Scriptural Study on the Value of Singing and the Dangers of Corrupt Music. Bruce Sensenig. Weaverland Publications. 2000

Cults and the Occult. Edmond C. Gruss. P&R Publishers. 2002.

The Greatest Life of All, Jesus. Charles Swindoll. Thomas Nelson. 2008.

Children’s books and story collections:

We have K5-grade 3 Abeka readers. They are fairly good as readers and my son generally enjoys them. For a complete list see the Abeka website.

NEW! Doughnut Day. Ruth Ann Rudolph. Eastern Mennonite Publications. 2006 Great, easy to read story about family working together and sharing written in poetic style. Makes a wonderful read aloud book.

Surprise in a Boot. Janet Margret Sensenig. Rod and Staff Publishers. 2000. (my 3 year old adores this book)

The Missing Bible. Janet Margret Sensenig. Rod and Staff Publishers. 2003.

School Days with the Millers. Mildred A. Martin. Green Pastures Press. 1995

Storytime with the Millers. Mildred A. Martin. Green Pastures Press. 1994

Prudence with the Millers. Mildred A. Martin. Green Pastures Press. 1996

Missionary Stories with the Millers. Mildred A. Martin. Green Pastures Press. 1995

Wisdom with the Millers. Mildred A. Martin. Green Pastures Press. 1995

Pilgrim’s Progress. John Bunyan. Abeka (adapted for children, recommended grade 3)

4 Responses

  1. yo people
    I really love the layout of Looks good, keep it up!
    Im a very “faithful” christian and I guess I have a few questions on my mind..
    I’ve been thinking a lot about dating.. but im not sure where to get going.
    My brothers have been telling me christian dating is the way to go.. so I’ve done a little studying on christian relationships and found some stuff on google
    Would be nice to listen to your input.

  2. Christian,
    I’m glad you like my layout. I don’t like modern casual dating, especially when it is labeled as “Christian” (yes, I know you are promoting your own dating website). You need to understand the difference between seeking deep friendships and truly finding a lifemate to marry. This difference is being overlooked altogether too much.

    There are many good books available on living righteously, relationships, and dating for Christian young adults (Christian Light Publications has several for teens, men, and women). I would urge you to read some of them and prayerfully analyze your reasons for wanting to date. Casual dating promotes unfaithfulness and ISN’T Christian.

  3. Here’s the list of books from CLP. I’ve not read them myself:
    Beautiful Girlhood – Mabel Hale
    Christian Manhood – Merle Eshleman
    Courtship That Glorifies God – John Coblentz
    God’s Will For my Body-Guidance for Adolescents – John Coblentz
    Looking at Myself Before Loving Someone Else – John Coblentz
    What about Boy/Girl Friendships – Lester Showalter
    Young Man, Be Strong – David G. Burkholder

  4. hi

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