On the Bookshelf

Here’s what we’re currently reading:

I’m having difficulty finding many book images that are linkable so I’m just listing books now. This will be a changing list as we go. It may take awhile for me to remember to update it. I hope to (eventually) organize this somewhat better to an annual list of reading moving those we’ve finished down so only books currently being read are at the top. But for now this is it. Karen and Richard have many picture books. I’ll only list those they are most interested in or chapter books.


KJV Bible

Nighttime is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark,

Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl




Terry the Tractor series by Mike Rucker (my husband’s cousin, autographed when he visited us 2 years ago)

DK Encyclopedia of Animals

The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh (history reading)

Pedro’s Journal by Pam Conrad (history read-aloud)

Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare (history read-aloud)


At the Little White Cabin by Marian Schoolland

Miller Family series by Mildred A. Martin

Doughnut Day by Ruth Ann Rudolph


6 Responses

  1. I saw that you are currently reading my book The Mennonite Girl! I am hoping that you can give me some feedback as I am so excited to see my book branch out into the homeschool community. Please write back.

    Thank You,
    Danielle Linton

  2. Danielle,

    Wow! Thanks for visiting my site. I had difficulty getting your book. It isn’t in any stores up here. I originally saw the book in a Target ad and there are not Target stores in Alaska yet. I tried to order it and found the shipping was almost as much as the book cost no matter what store I tried, which is almost double what I usually pay. I finally found online for reasonable shipping, but still made the total price rather high for a paperback book. I had to wait 3 weeks for it to arrive though.

    I would describe it as early teen (middle school/junior high) reading. I appreciated the cultural conflicts of the Mennonite girl, however the parents seemed a bit flat as characters. I liked the public school classmates. Having moved around a lot as a military child, I know what it’s like being the new girl and your first day homeroom scene was right on.

  3. I read Created to Be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl a few years ago and really got a lot out of it.. I actually have several of the Pearls books. How are you liking it?

  4. I’m about halfway through. I agree with a fair amount of it. Some of it though is too broad of generalizations. I like the different categories of husbands. That was interesting.

  5. I agree about the broad generalizations. I’m the type person that can take the things that I can use from a book and leave the rest. It sounds like your the same way. I really enjoyed the categories of husbands too. I’m proudly married to a Mr. Steady.. :0)

  6. I have a Mr. Visionary and it has been quite an adventure.

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