I originally thought to put this in the appearance and clothing page but decided it is a related yet separate issue. You can find a lot more by Googling “Christian women’s headcovering”. These are just my personal thoughts on the subject and this page may change as my understanding of Christian women’s headcovering changes. I recently found a great defense of headcovering if you want more reading.



Call me old fashioned, but I’ve always liked sensible hats. In summer, we wear sun hats whenever we go outside. I think most ball caps look sloppy. I have cloth hats for the kids (which they love) and I wear a round brim straw hat. I do wear a ball cap with Alaska logo for working outside, berry picking or hiking since it stays on better and is more durable. In winter we wear knit or fur hats. I don’t understand people who complain of being cold or having cold ears but are unwilling to wear a warm hat. I also think it very hypocritical and vain to put a hat on a child but the parents go bareheaded. If the kids need a hat, I will lead by example and wear one too.

What about Christian women’s headcovering? Lately the issue of a specific Christian headcovering has been on my heart. Why is it for me? Why don’t all Christian women wear them? There are several Biblical reasons for women to wear a headcovering laid out in 1 Corinthians 11.

Most women historically wore some sort of head covering until the mid 20th century. As the women’s movement gained ground in the 1960’s and ‘70’s more women started to forgo the wearing of a headcovering, both in church and public in general. Also, the churches slowly moved to not enforce headcovering doctrine to the point that most churches today would call it legalistic or minor and therefore unimportant. The Catholic church abrogated its 1917 enforcement of the wearing of headcoverings by women in church in its 1983 Code of Canon of Law. I heard a rumor that the Catholic church may start again enforcing heacoverings (they have started gaining popularity among Christian women again). This is clearly the case of church directly being influenced by society.

What about the hair? Some would say that is the covering described because of verse 15 “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.” However, in view of the rest of the chapter, I see the “a” as important. The hair is a covering, but not the primary covering for several reasons. It talks about the men’s covering being removed. Yet no one expects men to shave their heads every time just to pray. It is talking about a separate, cloth covering such as a hat.

The same for women. Hair is a covering, but another covering is to be put over it because of verses 5-6:

“But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.”

As if she were shaven. Let her ALSO be shorn. If hair were the only covering, you couldn’t take it off twice. That doesn’t make sense. However if you wear a cloth covering, you can remove it and also shave your hair.

One added benefit of wearing a headcovering is not having to worry about hairstyles. Following the latest hairstyles can be as expensive as clothes. Usually women who wear a headcovering wear a simple bun, braid(s) or ponytail under it. She can hide a “bad hair day” under her covering. This is another example of how submitting to God’s ways can simplify a woman’s life.

It may seem strange to see a woman wear a headcovering, yet many men remove their hats when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, singing national songs, when in church, or praying anytime without giving much thought to why. The reasons are the same only opposite. The men dishonor God and their headship if they pray with a covered head. I wonder how many men who remove their hats realize to significance of or even the reasons for doing so? It is becoming merely cultural courtesy as churches drift toward apostasy and away from teaching strict Biblical adherence. Sadly, this is a practice that is becoming less and less common, especially among young people.

So if a man’s uncovered head isn’t questioned, why is a woman’s covering? Simply, because it isn’t culturally popular in Western Culture today. It labels her as a Christian. Not just any Christian, but a woman who considers her obedience to God more important than popular culture. One who believes in the Biblical headship order and submission to male authority. If most women wore hats, scarves, or other headcoverings all the time, she wouldn’t be seen as “different” unless she wore a specific type of covering intended to be different such as the Amish and Mennonite styles.

I don’t think headcovering need to be a specific type or color. The churches that do are regulating it for unity, tradition, and/or to make a statement to the rest of the world. While this is not wrong, it just shouldn’t be the only or limiting factor as to whether or not to cover. I think it is a personal decision along with baptism. However, if you belong to a church that does regulate what type of headcovering women wear, you should wear what they expect. (Can I fit another “or” in here anywhere?)

A man at church last night was talking to me about baptism. He said the ordinance of baptism has more significance in regions where Christians face persecution because the baptism aligns the person with the church. Candidates fully understand that if they go through with the baptism, they too will face persecution, yet they do so anyway because their desire to be obedient to God is more important than popular culture (or even national laws in some places).

Sadly, this is the situation facing many Christian women who desire to wear a headcovering in Western Culture. It probably will not be severe. You likely won’t be killed for wearing a Christian headcovering, but you may get stares, snide remarks, and prejudicial treatment (both good and bad). You will be asked “why do you wear that thing on you head” by family, friends, or even strangers.

I have been wearing modest dresses and headcovering for almost 2 years now. At first my friends and family was skeptical. Now they’ve gotten used to it. I have more doors held and hear Ma’am a lot when I have my covering on.

A woman must enter into wearing a headcovering with prayer. She must understand clearly her motives and reasons for doing so as not to be seen as a hypocrite. It is hypocritical to wear a headcovering if you also wear a mini skirt and skimpy top for instance as this isn’t showing Christian modesty. Nor is it right to engage in gossip or fighting wearing a headcovering as these aren’t depicting Christian values either. I also wouldn’t expect to see it in a bar or nightclub. The headcovering should be an outward symbol of a committed, Christian heart obedient to the Biblical doctrines of faith, charity, peace, and purety.


I am still confused. I spoke to my husband about it and he wasn’t very encouraging. There are many websites with all opinions on the subject. If there were a group of ladies who I could talk to in my area it would help. Alas, there seems to be only sporadic obedience to 1 Corinthians here in Fairbanks and no single church which encourages it in daily life (there is a Russian Orthodox church which requires ladies to cover in church). The ladies who I have seen covering are all independently doing so. I understand that the covering is not simply a woman’s hair since you can’t remove it and cut it off at the same time.

However, in spite of all that I wrote and read so far, I am unsure of covering or what type; some say a simple kerchief, others just a hat (like I do in summer), still others a specific kerchief or prayer cap. I’m not sure the type matters as much as much as the result. I’ve even read about a woman who forgot her covering and used a paper towel from the church restroom. That’s quite a statement for adhering to such a “minor” ordinance! I’m just not sure what will work best for me. I need to do more prayer, research and try to contact some women who cover in my local area to talk to.


Despite reading just about everything I could find online and some books about Christian woman’s headcovering from 1 Corinthians 11, I am still undecided. I am leaning toward it because it’s better to err on the side of caution in matters of faith. Plus I like scarves and hats. I recently bought 6 colorful bandanas from Fred Meyer.


I have been wearing a headcovering for about 2 months. I usually wear the kerchiefs I got from Fred Meyer but now that it is summer, I wear my straw hat on sunny days.

One of my friends has started wearing one occasionally. Another friend still doesn’t get the connection between dressing modestly and living a Christian life. She’s a very outgoing personality and wears colorful tights a lot. She believes (rightly so) that God looks at our hearts. Still, outward modesty is a sign of inward peace and obedience.


I am going to Virginia next month via Washington DC for about 2 weeks. I am worried that the colored scarves I usually wear may be taken for gang colors (not very likely but not something I want to even take a chance with). I ordered a white Eastern Round style mesh headcovering from Mennnonite Maiden (it will be interesting going through the airports wearing that). I also ordered a calico sunbonnet (I burn easy) plus one for my daughter and a friend. The total was $40 including shipping to Alaska. If I like this one, I may order another bonnet I liked. I am going to order some new scarves from another vendor since they now have a color I like to wear and have been keeping an eye out for.


I’ve now switched to a more conservative Biblical church (surprisingly, it is one my brother has been attending for several years). What an encouragement it was to find other families that believe as I do. Many of the ladies there also wear headcoverings. They don’t have a standard type or color they wear, but it’s usually a kerchief style. Several of the girls wear them as well.

My husband has also come to an agreement with me on it. I don’t wear it when showing apartments to potential tenants, but will other times. Afterall, wives should submit to their husbands understanding and desires. Her headcovering should not be a contentious issue between a husband and wife.


I was just re-reading this post and the comments while thinking about what the New Testament says on prayer. Yes. It does say to cover when praying or prophesying. However, this doesn’t mean we should only cover in church or personal prayer time. 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 tell us we are to “pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”. That means if we are to be in a constant state of prayer, we should cover all the time. Or at least whenever practical.


I’ve been sick this weekend. Blah. That gave me time to read and ponder. Among other things, when reading Isaiah, I came to a passage that struck me as a condemnation of a woman’s uncovered head and nudity.

Isaiah 47:2-3

Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks [hair], make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers.

Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.

So the argument some make that headcovering and modest dress were just something cultural in the New Testament simply isn’t true. There are other places in the Old Testament that headcovering is mentioned. Even back in Genesis 24:65, Rebekka covered her head when she saw Issac. Song of Solomon 5:7 mentions watchmen beating a woman and taking away her veil. No, it started before Corinth and still holds true.

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  1. I encourage you in this. It is a blessing to be in simple obedience to God’s Word. God bless you

  2. Joanna,
    Thank you for your encouragement and visiting my site. I sometimes wonder how such a simple thing can be the cause of so much contention.

  3. God bless you for your willingness to simply obey the Word of God. I was taught to obey this commandment while growing up, but strayed far from the Word in many areas. After my husband left us, The Lord was faithful to do His work in bringing my heart back to obedience.

    I wonder if it doesn’t hit at the center of the problem in today’s culture: The feminist rejection of authority, out of pride. I have discussed this subject with many women who call themselves Christians. I do not judge them. But their attitude toward obedience and submission gets downright militant sometimes. And the modern church is full of this feminist attitude!

  4. Yeah, modern feminism doesn’t take to submission very kindly, not even to God. Sad. Now we’re loosing our next generation for their mother’s refusal to submit and passing this “me first” attitude on to their children. It’s not exactly selfish, just self-centered. Amazing how neglecting one area brings so many problems to our society.

    Submission doesn’t mean being a door mat. It just means respecting my husband as the final decision maker. Its actually comforting to know he is responsible. He does respect me and we share decision discussions but the final decision is his. Then above him is God. Wearing a headcovering is my way to show respect for this order.

    I notice a difference in women friends who accept this order and those who don’t. The ones who do are more at peace and happy compared to the ones who try to get their way, even when they do get their way.

  5. I’ve covered for about three years now. My husband has been very supportive, although he was greatly concerned when we moved into the city that I would be a target for anti-Christian harassment. There has been some but the prayer covering is so definitely Christian that I feel that the witness is worth the little bit of trouble. I have stopped wearing a bonnet, though, because the visor obstructs peripheral vision too much. I am not Anabaptist or a dedicated Quaker – I’m an ordained Anglican priest and as far as I know the only woman priest who is Plain. Sisters, please do not judge me on the headship issue – my husband is my head in Christ. The Church in England has had women leaders and preachers for about a thousand years.

  6. Magdelena,
    You are very lucky. I’m saddened to say that I don’t have my husband’s support in the headcovering. He’s asked me to stop wearing it. That’s ok because winter is here (the first snow is falling now) so my winter hat will be my covering 🙂 I do still wear my hair up in a bun. He seems to like that I let it down at night for him.

  7. It’s encouraging to see that women other than Mennonite are having convicitons about wearing a headcovering. I grew up Mennonite but very few women my age are still wearing it out of conviction.
    One area that I see is not taught about the convering is its connection to spiritual warfare. God alone knows everything – Satan does not. So he is envious and angry that God gives women advance notice of what will happen (prophecy) . Wearing the covering is our way of letting him know that even though we may have knowledge of future events we are submissive to God and in our role and not try to use that knowlege to become powerful. Basically we are not trying to compete with God or man for position but using our knowlege to intercede for people that God shows us will need it in the future.
    I hope that makes sense. I have been trying for years to condense why I wear the covering into a brief 2-3 minute explanation rather than a hour long lecture ! smile.

  8. Shirley,

    That’s an aspect of headcovering not mentioned much. You made great sense. I wish more men (like my husband) were educated about headcovering and modest dress as well. I think more women would be willing to wear it if their men were more accepting/understanding about its significance. It is hard to keep our explanations brief sometimes when it is something dear to us. Thanks for the comment and visiting me.

  9. I “accedentally bumbed into your website this morning as I was looking to see where one could find some of our titles. I found this piece so interesting. I grew up in a home where my mother and sisters wore the head covering all the time. In fact my wife also adheres to this too, Our church requires the regular wearing of a head covering.

    My wife would love to hear from you as she is a most outgoing person. She does not have an email site but can be reached through me or via mail at Vera Rose Campbell, 1418 Hinton Road, Dayton, VA. 22021.

    In Christ,

  10. Edwin,
    I was down your way in Harrisonburg for teacher training with Christian Light this summer. I’d be happy to write her. Which church do you attend?

  11. I am sorry that I did not see your posted response to me on November 17. I did not go back to your web site, so I did not see it.

    We go to the Bethany church on Briery Branch. It may be of interest that I worked at Park View Press when CLP was in its infancy. Park View Press was owned by the Shanks.

    We would love to hear from you. I had no idea that you knew of Mennonites.

    The greatest pursuit of life is the pursuit of God and Jesus Christ is the only way to Him.


  12. Eldwin,
    Thanks for reminding me. I’ll write her now. That is interesting. What a small community the conservative Christian printing world seems to be. Merry Christmas!

  13. Please help me. I am really studying the whole headcovering thing. I grew up with short hair and being taught that 1Cor 11 was just cultural. Since we have been married, 1991, we have gone to Mennonite churches (although most do not cover). The Lord is convicting me on some of this, but my concern is this: how does vs 15 fit it. It says LONG HAIR IS GIVEN AS A COVERING. How do I fit that in with the first part of wearing an actual covering??

  14. Shari,
    I’m glad you’re asking and studying about headcovering rather than simply following what others do (no matter which way). It’s been explained to me as the “a” making the difference. The rest of the headcovering passages talk about taking off the covering and being shorn. You can’t take off your hair then shave it off. You can take off a cloth covering and shave your hair.

    Christian Light has a tract that explains it better from a conservative Mennonite perspective. You can read it online at http://www.clp.org/documents/2482/original/The_Significance_of_the_Christian_Woman_s_Veiling.pdf

    The cultural argument has been given as reason for not following several places in the Bible that seem to go against prevailing culture. I’ve heard the same argument used against the 10 Commandments, particularly not committing adultery. Also about not swearing oaths, conservative dress, and conscientious objection to war. It’s this modern ala carte approach to the Bible so prevalent in churches today that first drew me to more conservative Anabaptists as a way to discern the truth.

  15. I agree that it is not a cultural argument, as the whole issue of creation is not cultural–that is, the order and position of God, Man and then Woman doesn’t change in any situation, so his argument on coverings doesn’t seem to be cultural either.

    I have read some early church fathers who supported the covering with cloth. As they were only 1-2 generations from the apostles themselves it would seem they would know what Paul meant by “covering”. What is interesting is that even THEY disagreed as to how much covering was enough. . . Both my husband and I agree that vs 4-7 seems to be talking about an actual covering. What gets him is that even in the Greek (vs 15) it talks about hair as being the mantle, and nothing specific on a separate covering. How do the two go hand-in-hand??

    I continue to pray that the Lord would burden me in one direction or another. If I cover it will be for life, not a fickle decision to do it for awhile and then stop. Part of my difficulty is that my husband believes one thing, although he gives me freedom to do what I feel God is telling me, and I lean the other way. What do I teach my four girls without undermining either of us?

    I DO find it interesting that when I pray I find myself bowing or even covering my head with my hands in prayer, feeling that my head is symbolically covered. It definitely would be a sign, outwardly, to remind me to be submissive in my heart, although just wearing it isn’t enough to be submissive. I know of Amish women who are very conservative, but NOT submissive in anything except traditions.

    R.C. SProule said, in essence, that after you have studied a certain topic and you can find nothing showing that it IS just cultural, but you can’t definitively conclude that something is a Biblical mandate it would be better to err on the side of caution and be thought of as overscrupulous rather than risk being wrong.

    any other views or thoughts and prayers would be SO appreciated. I long to honor and serve my Saviour to the best of my ability that others would see the love I have for him and would be encouraged to follow him. I would love to correspond with like-minded people as well. P.O.Box 44, Fairview, MI 48621

    Shari Watson

  16. Shari,
    I would urge you to seek out other women who cover in your local area (if possible) and ask them for support. It sounds like you’ve done a lot of research on this and in your heart know your answer but are trying to match it to your logic. Faith is a belief in things unseen. Headcovering is not only an act of submission and obeyance but also of faith. I would not cover without the support of your husband. This is why I stopped covering after a few months. He asked me to quit after discussing it again. I still cover for church or when praying though and wear a lot of hats (that he doesn’t object to). You’re right, this is one issue that has never been in agreement among even early Christians. We’ve made friends with other covered families and when the time is right, I will bring up the subject with him again or have him discuss it with the other men.

  17. In response to Shari Watson’s following comment: “Both my husband and I agree that vs 4-7 seems to be talking about an actual covering. What gets him is that even in the Greek (vs 15) it talks about hair as being the mantle, and nothing specific on a separate covering. How do the two go hand-in-hand??”

    I am searching out this subject as well and have not yet covered my head, apart from my long, uncut hair. We are attending a conservative mennonite church right now, though, and this is what has got me digging into 1 Cor. 11.

    While I have not reached a conclusive decision yet, I wanted to share how I feel v. 14, 15 can be reconciled with what Paul has previously said in this chapter. “Doth not nature itself teach you . . . ” In my own words, Doesn’t nature back up this principle that I have already shared with you? John Wesley’s commentary states regarding v.15b, for her hair is given her for a covering “originally, before the arts of dress were in being.” Very interesting!

    Does this make sense?

    Also, I wonder why he always puts the stipulation when she is “praying or prophesying.” This leads me to think that the covering does not need to be worn at all times and in all places, but more specifically to worship services and other times when praying or sharing God’s Word.

  18. Romans 14:1-12 comes to mind (this is from the ESV, which Dee mentioned on your KJV page, but the KJV would convey the same meaning):

    “As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions. One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables. Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him. Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand.”

    I was in a church that splintered because of this issue. That is more grievous to God than what we do or don’t put on our heads. Of course the whole headship Scriptures are often abused as well, but I won’t go there…

  19. Yes, headcovering shouldn’t be a divisive issue. It is a personal decision. It is an ordinance not a direct “thou shall” type commandment which is why it is controversial. Since we are given free will, there will always be differences of opinion as to the “right” way to interpret scriptures. Also, going against popular culture and being possibly seen as a religious stand out doesn’t make it any easier.

  20. Hi I just found your site. Great site first of all….I do wear a head covering as of May 2009…
    I had struggled with the scriptures on this and started studying it and researching it online. I couldn’t believe how many websites were on the subject and all the women who are now covering. amazing!
    in response to julie who posted this;

    Julie “Also, I wonder why he always puts the stipulation when she is “praying or prophesying.” This leads me to think that the covering does not need to be worn at all times and in all places, but more specifically to worship services and other times when praying or sharing God’s Word.”

    How would you pray if you were out and needed to pray about something(or for someone) without your covering. How would you witness (sharing God’s word) to someone when the opportunity arises without it.If God spoke to your heart about praying or witnessing and the covering was not there.
    I believe we are to wear them at all times as any situation could arise that we would need it. & pray without ceasing , & in all things by prayer and supplication. Sothen when is it right to take it off, if praying to God is dishonorable without one.

    Believe me it is hard for me. No one I know wears one, I gets complaints about wearing one, and my mother and sister (whoa-you should hear what they had to say)Also my husband is not saved and just me being saved urks him let alone the covering, but it is better to obey God than man. and that also means my husband. (to Me)

    So I hope everyone thinks long and hard on the subject with lots of prayer , becase if they took all these verses to stress the head covering , how can it not be important.

    God Bless

  21. Mary,
    You must have been with my in my mind this afternoon as I was pondering along those same lines. Thank you for enjoying my site. What led you to start covering?

  22. oohh now that’s scary huh? Get out of my head -my son always says.
    I started wearing them when I kept reading the scriptures over and over and it seemed to contradict itself (the last verse just didn’t fit with the others {but there were so many verses on the subject that I knew it had to be of importance} so I wanted to see if there was anything online about this and found the meaning of the words in the original text and language. It then made sense. & no longer seemed to contradict itself.
    It weighed heavily on my heart, like God wanted me to know this, and was bringing it to my attention so much that I just couldn’t let it go and it was on my mind all the time. I knew I was being convicted on the subject.
    I not only found information on the subject but also found so many ladies who also wore them. There were loads of ladies with the same conviction as me. I even started seeing places that sold head coverings. This amazed me. I now have a good bit of friends on facebook that I talk to that also wear them. I’m thrilled. I don’t know of anyone around here that does and I get looks a lot, but never a rude comment so far and a lot of respect from people like I never had before. I even typed in google for pictures of women wearing them and information about when it stopped and found that all women worldwide wore them always (daily) better ones for church and stores and casuaul ones for at home. I also found that the main time they stopped wearing them was around 1930 and it really took off in 1960. Women’s liberation and defiance. If the bible says it dishonors God if we pray without one and women always wore one, then that was enough for me. I wear one daily in the home and out. I wear bandanas and scarves at home , but always a veil when I’m out and about. I don’t want someone thinking I’m just wearing something for fashion or having a bad hair day. I want them to see this woman is wearing a head covering. To me it makes all the difference.
    I’m sorry I got carried away. A lot more than you needed huh?
    Love your site and plan on sticking around a good bit today. Have a blessed day. Mary

  23. Mary,
    Thanks for sharing your headcovering testimony.

  24. I came upon your blog recently since you have left a few comments on mine regarding weight loss and the No-S diet. I am fascinated by the head-covering but respectfully have to admit this is NOT for me. I think what encouraged me to leave a comment following the discussion is the part on how you believe that women who submit to their husbands are happier than those who do not.

    “I notice a difference in women friends who accept this order and those who don’t. The ones who do are more at peace and happy compared to the ones who try to get their way, even when they do get their way.”

    I can assure you that my egalitarian relationship with my husband is very peaceful and happiness abounds. We decide “together” for the things that affect us both. I do not fear the responsibility of decision-making and am comfortable with living the consequences of those decisions.

    I do not mean to enter a debate on faiths, and I entirely respect yours, but I just wanted to let you know that happiness and peace can be found in marriages without submission to males.

  25. Soulsue,

    Thanks for your comments. I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog.

    Yes, you can have a good marriage without submission. However, that seems pretty rare these days. I’m glad you are happy. I think your deciding together rather than insisting you get your way or he only gets his way is important. As is your understanding of consequences. You must have a balance of power most of the time. What I was trying to point out mainly was that the women I know who try to always get their way over their husband instead of working together or allowing him to lead are setting up frustration for themselves and their husband.

  26. In regard to head covering; I believe it is a cultural issue; Where does our freedom in Christ come into this discussion? Of course if you are travelling in the middle east, it would be proper to wear a head covering!!! Do we who give ourselves to Christ, a living sacrifice live by a set of rules? Didn’t Jesus break the rules of the Pharases? The “Leagalists” ?

  27. I do Cover, Have for 22 Years, It is still for today, Submission is just the order GOD set…Women prayed back then, And still today, So of course headCovering is for today

  28. I have covered my head (27 months now) and worn modest clothing now for 31/2 years I believe. I loved reading your story and pray you will be encouraged to continue on. I do believe also that it was not a cultural issue, as the Corinthians were told that they needed to cover their heads because what they were doing (going without covering) was not heard of in the churches anywhere else.This is a command that we as Christians cover our head. Why would the scriptures say( Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered? ) That clearly states a woman (not a region of women) should cover when praying to the Almighty. God does not change. He is the same . If women were to cover they are still to cover. (But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head—it is the same as having her head shaved. 6 For if a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off; but if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then she should cover her head. )
    Keep us update on you and how you’re doing and God Bless you.

  29. I began covering about 3 months ago. I am 40 and lived my Christian life believing that this text was cultural. I do not cover for reasons of modesty because Paul does not make that his reasons in the text. I cover for these reasons: Headship, Creation, and the Angels. Paul states these three reasons clearly in the text. I agree with this headship which was established by God, and I respect where God has placed me in his line of hierarchy. I don’t have to fully understand Paul’s instructions for them to be binding. But I do need to follow them. NO WHERE in this text does it say that Paul wants women to cover and men to uncover fo cultural reasons. Paul’s three reasons trancend culture. Paul is praising this congregation in verse 2 becuase the majority of them are covering. He says in verse 16, “if anyone wants to be contentious, we have no other custom, nor do the churches of God.” The word anyone is “tis” in the Greek which means one or a few. Paul was praising them because only a few were not covering, but he was there to remind the one or few why we do cover. No one can rightly accuse these few of being rebellious, as I have heard so many time. That’s human assumption. Why not consider they were just untaught at this point. See verse 17 when Paul does not praise this same group. Here we see that the majority of this congregation is NOT doing what they are supposted to in regards to the Lord’s Supper and now Paul is NOT praising them. This whole chapter is applicable to us today. We quote from the latter part of chapter 11 while ignoring the beginning part of chapter 11. That should never be so. Both were Christain practices using symbols in the worship service. Emblyms for the Lord’s Supper, and a head covering. Both symbolic, both used for worship, both rooted in a serious requirement for our Lord. For so many years I skipped by this chapter having never studied it. I only listened to what men had to say on this passage. I listened to my fellow brothers, looked around the room and saw bare heads and thought that I was ok. But ok in who’s eyes. Not the Lord’s eyes. We can not dismiss this part of the chapter for culture anymore than we can dismiss baptism, the Lord’s supper, and women keeping silent in the church. If we want to dismiss 1 Corinthians chapter 11 as culture, then we might as well dismiss the whole entire bible as culture.
    God’s word is timeless and true. I pray that everyone will read His word without any personal biases, and fully submit. Blessings.

  30. Thank you for sharing this — I have just started head covering and wearing modest dresses versus jeans. The Lord laid it on my heart and I have a peace within as to this decision.

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