Liberty to Lie?

One of my big things is being honest and teaching my kids to be honest. I do not expect everyone to be honest back all the time, but generally most people are. I DO expect organizations that publish “facts” to be honest in their reporting.

One such organization is the Susan B. Anthony List. This is a pro-life and women’s rights organization which broadcasts short daily alerts and information on Christian radio stations. I used to enjoy listening to their broadcasts and esteemed them fairly highly. However, a few days ago that changed dramatically.

I heard a report of the radio news that the Susan B. Anthony List is suing under freedom of speech for the right to give untrue information about political candidates they oppose. That’s right. They are suing for the right to lie!

After hearing this, I now question everything previously broadcast by them. I wonder exactly how much was really true and how much was just made up to forward their cause. While I agree that everyone has the right to lie, I don’t think it right for an organization to be able to lie without some sort of disclaimer. Otherwise, it is defamation of character. Plus, it’s not just a private conversation. It’s to be broadcast and published to persuade others regarding national and local politics.

I also wonder why they feel the need to lie to others. If their cause is so good, why not just stick to the facts? Are they really that desperate this election that they need to lie to win?