dangerous tea ball

I recently bought a tea ball made by Good Cooks/Bradshaw. That’s a little stainless steel ball with holes in it that you use to brew tea leaves. It was for my daughter’s 9th birthday present. However, we have all been very disappointed with it.

The tea ball is extremely hard to open, even for my husband. My daughter can not open it at all, and I rarely can. Not only is this tea ball hard to open, it is hard to close as well. The screw threads do not align well.

Once open, it has very sharp edges. This has caused minor cuts to our fingers.

While it does make a good cup of tea, due to the problems and very real threat of getting cut with each use, I am throwing it out. Shipping it to the manufacture would cost more than I paid. This tea ball needs to be redesigned to be easier to use and safer to use. It is dangerous and should be recalled.


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