Curriculum fair purchases

Just when I think I have it all planned out, the curriculum fair comes along with interesting things to tempt me (and the kids). I spent over $300 on items at our local curriculum fair. It’s not a bad thing since I had no idea what to do for Alaska history and that’s what most of it is. I also bought 2 items from the Institute for Excellence in Writing: Rockets, Radar, and Robotics for Richard and the student pages of Student Writing Intensive A for Karen. The other thing was from an Alaskan teacher who made a curriculum to help better understand words and spelling big words by breaking them into roots and their other parts. That will be good for both of them and they will do it together. I also picked up a flyer for Real Science 4 Kids. They didn’t have a representative, just the flyers so I couldn’t actually order anything yet from them. đŸ˜¦

Now we wait until after July for next year’s allotment to come out so I can do purchase orders. The used curriculum fair is next month and the Christian Light Education booth will be there.

dangerous tea ball

I recently bought a tea ball made by Good Cooks/Bradshaw. That’s a little stainless steel ball with holes in it that you use to brew tea leaves. It was for my daughter’s 9th birthday present. However, we have all been very disappointed with it.

The tea ball is extremely hard to open, even for my husband. My daughter can not open it at all, and I rarely can. Not only is this tea ball hard to open, it is hard to close as well. The screw threads do not align well.

Once open, it has very sharp edges. This has caused minor cuts to our fingers.

While it does make a good cup of tea, due to the problems and very real threat of getting cut with each use, I am throwing it out. Shipping it to the manufacture would cost more than I paid. This tea ball needs to be redesigned to be easier to use and safer to use. It is dangerous and should be recalled.

Early 2014-15 school planning

It’s that time of year again. Time to begin planning for next school year. So I’ve been poking around homeschool curriculum site and browsing catalogs. I want to start Richard with more textbooks since he will need to learn to use them if he goes on to college. He will begin using Apologia textbooks for science. He’s good at science so hopefully this won’t be too easy for him, but I want to catch any gaps he may have. We will continue with Christian Light Education for most core subjects math, reading, language arts, bible, and Karen’s social studies. Richard will do a fun review/reinforcement of skills he has learned for writing.  Karen will be beginning Institute for Excellence in Writing with level A.

This is what I’ve come up with so far (CLE=Christian Light Education, WP=Winter Promise). It adds up to about $800 so far.


Language Arts– LA800: CLE $40,

Writing– Caught Ya! Grammar w/Giggle: WP $18 ($13 Rainbow Resource), Rockets Radar & Robotics: Institute for Excellence in Writing $29

Math– Math 800: CLE $52

Reading– Reading 800: CLE $27

Bible– Bible 800: CLE $70

Science– Apologia General Science $52 (CD course), Teacher Guide $6 Rainbow Resource

Social Studies– AK state study



Language Arts– LA500: CLE $50

Math– Math 500: CLE $52

Reading– Reading 500: CLE $27

Literature– (All Veritas Press Guidebooks $12) Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden, Where Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller

Bible– Bible 500: CLE $26

Social Studies– Social Studies 400: CLE $59 (world geography)

Writing– Student Writing Intensive A & Continuation Course A: Institute for Excellence in Writing

Science- Real Science 4 Kids: answer keys & study folder $35/subject Gravitas Publications: middle school physics, chemistry, biology $55/subject Rainbow Resource