Education & gov’t shutdown

Well, they did it. Or rather didn’t do it depending how you look at things. Our lawmakers have neglected to come to a reasonable compromise on the budget, so they have shut down the US government. Not only are things that are federal workers laid off, minor inconveniences (except to the workers) like national parks shut, but I discovered tonight while trying to research some things online that several government run education websites are also down.

That’s just silly. I mean how expensive is an existing website anyway? It’s not like you are paying a person to sit there updating it all the time. You just pay to have the server running and the domain registered. Probably virus and firewall software is installed and monitored periodically. I can think of better ways to save money. It probably cost more to have all federal websites taken offline than they will save.

So our lawmakers are holding the federal government hostage. Yes, they are no better than petty terrorists or spoiled brats. I also notice that even though millions of federal workers are laid off, lawmakers will still be receiving their pay. If they are serious about shutting things down, they should include themselves. Otherwise, they are hypocrites!

Stop the games and get to work Washington! We are having some good discussions about the true purpose of government  as well as healthy budgeting at our house from this though.


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