Cheap entertainment

In today’s fast paced world of expensive electronics, I’m glad to say I have found a way to get my kids away from it. It’s a way to provide cheap entertainment. Literally. What am I talking about? A bird feeder of course!

Two years ago, the kids studied about local birds as part of their homeschool. They bought a bird feeder and seed. We placed it right outside our living room window. Each day, they were to watch it and then write or draw in their journal what they observed.

This will be the third winter we have put up the feeder. Last week, we went to WalMart and bought local bird seed. We usually go through 2 or 3 bags in a winter. The past few days, we all eagerly awaited our small, feathered friends’ return. After awhile, we can tell individuals apart. There’s fatso (the biggest, fluffiest chickadee), weirdo (a redpoll with an unusual shaped beak), nutty (the nut hatch), and many more.

Today the first chickadee found the feeder. They along with redpolls and an occasional nut hatch will provide a little nature time each day even when it’s too cold to get outside. We enjoy watching the greedy chickadees and the more territorial red polls in their antics. It’s “cheap” entertainment.


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