Running shoes

Getting kids to be more interested in staying active can sometimes be a challenge. Other times it just takes going shopping. Yesterday I took my kids shoe shopping. My son’s shoes don’t even come close to fitting anymore so he’s been wearing his mud boots. Ever since we read the book Running With Rachel, my daughter has fallen in love with running, and been pestering for me to get her running shoes. The stores are starting to have back to school sales or summer clearance sales which is a great time to go. Plus, we won’t have to fight the traffic and crowds next month.

We went to a shoe store in the mall. After measuring my son’s feet, we were shown to the area where size 6 boys shoes were. He tried a couple pair on but they were too tight. The clerk then showed us the men’s section. I was concerned because the men’s shoes were much more expensive than the boys. However, the clerk pointed out one pair that was on sale for just $10 in his size. My son tried them on and lo-and-behold they fit great!

They also had socks on sale. My daughter was complaining about all her socks either being too small or having holes, so I picked out a bag for her. She wanted colors but I got white. I’m tired of mismatched socks on her or spending extra time trying to find and match them. She didn’t seem too upset after explaining that to her. But now she wanted new shoes too. Not just any shoes, but running shoes. *sigh*

The clerk sized her feet and showed us the shoes for her. My daughter said she wanted running shoes and the clerk pointed out a few pair. After more discussion, we decided on one style that had 2 color choices: purple and pink. The purple were on sale but not the pink; go figure since they were the same style and size just different colors. Well, she tried on the purple ones. Then we had to go open the sock bag since she was wearing sandals today. After getting socks and shoes on we wandered around a bit to make sure they fit. My daughter has a habit of saying something fits even when it doesn’t if she has her heart set on it. But these shoes did fit fine.

At the register, the clerk overheard me asking my daughter to help pay for her shoes. She also heard me tell my son he couldn’t get fancy laces because we didn’t have any extra money right now. After she rang up our items, she said she had an extra 15% off coupon we could have. That meant between the sale prices and her coupon, I was able to get everything for the price I budgeted just for my son’s shoes!

The kids wanted to go play Frisbee at the park to try out their new shoes, but it was raining. They also said they were interested in joining the cross country running club this fall. I’m just glad they want to be more active.


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