Catch up Friday

Today is catch-up day. The kids are supposed to have completed 10 lessons in all their subjects today. I checked and they are behind in a few things so are having to double up. They got behind partly because of me. My knee has been hurting so I’ve been taking a lot of pain pills which make me sleepy. I can’t grade their work if I’m asleep and they forget to ask when I get up from a nap.

The good news is that once all the academics are done, we will do an art lesson. We didn’t do much of that last year. I’m hoping to stay more on top of things so have time for art rather than always catching up on skipped academics each week.

Last night the Poker Flats Experimental Rocket Range had an open house. We didn’t get there until about 730 and it ended at 8. However, we were still able to see a automated helicopter and learn about how scientists use them. My son asked some great questions. (Why does an object like a Frisbee or football fly straighter/better when spinning?) Then we went to the control room. That was neat. There wasn’t much in it since no launches are scheduled any time soon. But we still got to see the timing computers and the counter where the scientists put all their computers during a launch. Again, my son asked many great questions and was told about a rocketry camp to consider when he’s in high school.

We were given a LOT of helium filled balloons (5 each child). On the way home, our car looked like a clown car full of balloons. However, it gave us the opportunity to do an experiment we were told about. Observe which direction a balloon tilts when you drive around a sharp corner. Why does it go to that side? Made for a great discussion and he eventually was able to come up with the correct answer. Do you know? *Hints: gravity, centrifugal force, air density


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