Starting the school year early

Even though it is mid-July, we started our homeschool year this week. We are starting early this year because we are taking a month off starting in the middle of August for our trip to England. So far, it’s not going very well. My son is having trouble concentrating. However, that’s not too surprising since he often has trouble getting back to studying after a break, especially longer ones. I also hurt my knee badly 2 weeks ago so haven’t been able to get to the store for all their supplies yet. But we have enough for now to get started.

The curriculum is great! K is liking the American Story 2, except we don’t have supplies to do any of the activities yet so she’s a bit frustrated about that.

R is needing lots of review for math since we switched programs. That’s ok. He needed it anyway because the other program didn’t cover all these topics very well. The history is not a Sunrise edition. It’s still the original version so isn’t divided into nice daily lessons. Instead, there are just a list of topics and the questions. We decided to cover 2-3 topics each day, which should get him through the workbook in about 2 weeks. There are 10 history workbooks for the year, so that should be fine.

We haven’t started the science yet, but will next week. I wanted to wait to make sure all the other subjects were going well. It usually takes us a week or so to start everything so the kids aren’t overwhelmed the first week. I’ve figured out we need to do 1 lesson in each of the textbooks every week to get through the new material. I’m still trying to decide how much to do each time to finish up the physics, but have allowed 1 day each week for it.

Today is Friday, so I may dig out the art kits. I’d like to do them more frequently. It seems art and things like that always get left behind as the year goes along.


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