Homeschool order savings

I finally found the purchase order forms I need to order school materials thorough my homeschool program. Originally I planned to order from 4 companies. However, when I got to comparing prices, it turned out I could get many of the items I needed 10 to 30 percent cheaper on Rainbow Resource. That meant I didn’t have an order with Sonlight this year and the Veritas Press and Winter Promise orders were much smaller than originally planned. I didn’t figure it exactly, but I think I saved about $20. Even though I’m not directly paying for these items, it’s always nice to save money so I can buy other things later. So here’s how it turned out. Mostly this is so I can re-do the orders if they get lost. The abbreviation in parenthesis is the content standards the item will be used for.

Winter Promise Publishing ($15 & $12 shipping)

QMA-604 Medieval Activity Pack $15 (SS 7.7, 7.8)

Veritas Press ($81.71 & $8.23 shipping)

490750 Pompeii Buried Alive $3.99 (RE 4.16, SC 5.20)

190090 Great Physicists $6.73 (RE 6)

280630 Michael Faraday $10.99 (RE 6)

000751 Call of the Wild/White Fang Comp Guide $12 (RE 6)

000740 Fahrenheit 451 Comp Guide $12 (RE 6)

000733 Adv of Tom Sawyer Comp Guide $12 (RE 4, WR 3.6)

000766 Robin Hood Lit Guide $12 (RE 4, WR 3.6)

000745 Fairy Tales Comp Guide $12 (RE 4, WR 3.6)

Rainbow Resource ($165 & $16.50 shipping)

010085 Geology Rocks $9.75 (SC 3.14 & 5.16)

033417 Volcanoes & Earthquakes $11.50 (SC 5.22, 5.16)

023838 Science Detectives $7.50 (SC 5A, RE 6)

040531 Great Ancient Egypt Projects $11.95 (SS 7.7)

017774 Our Planet Earth $19.75 (SC 5.16 & 3.12)

048004 Our Planet Earth Teacher Supplement $7.95 (SC 5.16)

017808 Our Universe $19.75 (SC 5.17 & 3.15)

048005 Our Universe Teacher Supplement $7.95 (SC 5c, 5D)

017457 Heaven & Earth Student Supplement (SC5 c &5D, RE6.9)

046013 The Fallacy Detective $17.50 (RE 6.13 & 6.19)

041452 Cool Stuff and How It Works $14.50 (SC 5, RE 6)

005262 Magic School Bus Lost in Solar System $5.25 (RE 4.16, SC 3.15)

009891 Lit/Sci Guide Magic School Bus Lost in Solar System $7.95 (WR 3.6, SC 3C)

016218 Magic School Bus Inside Earth $5.25 (RE 4.16, SC 3.12)

009888 Lit/Sci Guide Magic School Bus Inside Earth $7.95 (WR 3.6, SC 3C)

013669 Planet Earth $4.25 (SC 5.15

2 Responses

  1. Hi Akhomeschoolfun,
    i haven’t visitied your blog in a while, but i have been meaning to stop over to thank you. A year or more ago you were doing some sewing and mentioned that a Christian Light home economics book on sewing a cape dress had been very helpful to you and told me where I could order a copy.
    Well that little blogland interaction led me to the Christian Light website,, and let me tell you what a wonderful resource it has been for me.
    I watch my grandsons several days a week, we have used the pre-school and then moved up to selections of the kindergarten curriculum with the almost five year old, he is now beginning reading and I just LOVE their books, and so does my grandson. I have purchased several childrens books to read to the boys, and we all enjoy the simple everyday life story lines.
    But even more importantly is the wealth of resources I have found for myself on the clp site, I have ordered so many books, and have become an avid reader again. I have been strengthened in my walk with God, I have grown as a Christian, I have never felt closer to God in my life. I read my bible daily, thanks to a little booklet from another conservative mennonite group who I am also doing a mail correspondence bible study with. I could continue to go on and on, but have already rather gone on and on.
    Anyway, as I said T H A N K Y O U!!! I wish I could change the font size and color to make it a really fabulously big thank you. But without YOU I never would have known of Christian Light Publications, and would never have know what I was missing, and I know that I would not have experienced the growth in my faith life that I have without the wonderful resources clp makes available.
    You touched a life through your blog, and I just wanted you to know that.

    Peace and Grace to YOU sister,


  2. Bean,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. I’m so glad Christian Light has been a blessing for you. I know they are for us as well.

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