Battling homeschool stereotypes

My children are thriving being homeschooled as well as several other families I know. Every child is different. However, many people try to stereotype them based upon limited or no exposure to homeschool families. So if they see a well adjusted family they may think that is how all homeschoolers are. Same applies if they see a bunch of misbehaving brats with fanatical parents. It’s not. Just like public and private school children, each is different. They are just being taught at home by their parents instead of in a class.

Plus, many people think their way of schooling (public, private, or home) is the BEST way for everyone and those who do school differently are somehow inferior. That is not true. Every family and situation is unique so what works for one may not work for another. There is no one way of schooling that is best for every family all the time.

As for the idea that homeschoolers miss out on social events, that isn’t totally true. Yes. They miss daily traditional classroom things, but they get social interaction other ways. Homeschool children do not spend their entire days at home. Many regularly participate in group activities like lessons, sports, co-ops, community and church events, etc. Because they are not limited to mostly being around other children exactly their own age, homeschool children often are more comfortable interacting with people of various ages than those who attend school. Some areas even have events like prom and graduation just for homeschoolers, so they don’t even have to miss out on them.

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  1. I have known parents whose reasons for homeschooling concerned me. These reasons include: Being overprotective to the point they parent was paranoid of anyone teaching her children something harmful. Parents that didn’t want to admit their child was struggling in school and needed help but couldn’t admit the child needed help not a different curriculum.

    However most of the parents I have known who home-schooled were well informed of before the decision was made. Some chose homeschooling because public school was not a good option either due to safety, not challenging or otherwise meeting the child’s needs. For some of these families private school was either not available or affordable. The common thread I have found in families that chose to home-school was that they wanted to be actively involved in their child’s life.

    I think it is a parents right and responsibility to choose the schooling option that is best for their child.

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