Study time

School is out or almost out for summer break in many places. That means parents are planning for the upcoming school year. Some families will decide to homeschool. One question that new homeschool families have is how long should they spend studying. Well, that depends upon state law as well as what curriculum or program you will be using.

Flexibility is one of the great things about homeschooling. That includes being flexible in study time. Unless required by law, there is no minimum time. Nor are there any requirements for when in the day you must do school. My kids have done school at almost all hours of the day, including delaying bedtime because they were still awake and interested enough to keep going. However, there are a few tricks to keep you from falling behind or feeling overwhelmed.

If you are doing a program like online, create a schedule by dividing your work out and making due dates so you don’t get behind. Too many online students get behind then panic at the end because they still have so much work to do.

Otherwise, you need to study for however long it takes to understand your work. Some days will be longer than others. Rather than a time schedule, create a goal/assignment list. As long as you get everything on the list done, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes. Some days my kids are done in 2 hours. Some days they work all day. However, it doesn’t have to be done all at once. You can study some in the morning then again later in the day if that is what works for your other activities.

It is a good idea to do school at least 4 days/week. I’ve found fewer days than that makes too much work at once so you tend to get overloaded. The more often you do school, the shorter you can make your study sessions. Your schedule should not be super rigid. After all, it’s homeschool and life sometimes interferes. If you miss a day or two every so often, that’s no big deal. It’s only when those missed days turn into missed weeks or *gasp* months, that you should worry.

The price of a clean room

Yesterday I found out the going price for a clean bedroom. I told my son to clean his room. He HATES cleaning his room. Instead, he paid his sister to clean it for him. He just sat back and told her where things belonged. She did all the work, although I think also he helped her make the bed. I don’t care as long as it got done by anyone other than me. So what’s the going rate for hiring your little sis’ to do your chores?

Apparently it is $3 for the work, and another $2 if it passed inspection the first time. I didn’t even get out of his room before she had her hand out demanding payment. đŸ˜†