Planned Parenthood lies

Planned Parenthood are desperate liars. I can now state that with proof.

Recently my father-in-law received a notice on the outside marked that it was sent as per his request. Inside was a letter to him thanking him for taking their call and letting them know he didn’t want to receive any more phone calls. It also said he would be excluded from any more phone solicitations. It went on to ask if he wanted any other limitations on contact to let them know and included a phone number and e-mail. It concluded by thanking him for his support.  That sounds reasonable, right?

There’s just one problem. My father-in-law has been dead for over 7 years! There is no way he could have taken their call.

Call it a simple mistake, or clerical error, but I don’t think so. My mother-in-law requested to be removed from their mailing list over a year ago and they confirmed her removal, but still continue to send her several things each week.


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