OK after Japan earthquake

You may have heard about the 6.8 earthquake here in Japan yesterday. It was located off the coast near Tokyo. We left that city by train in late morning so did not feel the tremor. We are in Osaka, and doing fine.

We saw reports on the TV last night before bed saying there had been an earthquake but no other details were given in English. All the other information was in Japanese. We asked the hotel staff and were told it occurred in the north, near Tokyo.

The Narita International airport near Tokyo that we flew into when arriving in Japan was briefly closed as well as some trains, but are running now.


A suite deal

We arrived safe in Osaka this afternoon. We took the “bullet” train down from Tokyo. Boy that was fast, only 2.5 hours. When we arrived at the hotel, we were told there was a problem with our reservation. They had no regular non-smoking rooms left that would fit the 4 of us.

However, they did have one non-smoking room that would. It’s their Executive Suite, a large corner room on the 14th floor! So, I’m in this large (by Japanese and many American) room for the next 2 nights. There is a large entry, 2 bathrooms, a sitting room with a 54 inch tv, a bedroom with 2 double beds and a 28 inch tv. Lots more space than we were expecting or really need. The best part is they are just charging us the regular room rate, yet I checked and this one is worth a LOT more  🙂

We were going to have a DVD player hooked up, but the settings are incompatible with American DVD discs so they had to take it away. Instead, they are giving us all the pay-per-view movie channels FREE (normally about $15/day).

Better get off now and go explore, but thought you’d enjoying hearing about this. More when I can.