Mid year homeschool update

I haven’t written much about the kids school this year. Our business has been hectic and so the kids schoolwork has fallen into a dull rut. We’ve managed to stay on track with things that have a workbook or can be done fairly independently (math, language arts, reading, science assignments and readings). However, things like science projects, history, and art haven’t really happened. As a result, my husband is a little panicked about getting it all finished up. He tends to do this every spring, but this year more than others since we are going on a month long trip in mid-April. We will take some school work with us, but not as much as we’d do at home.

So between now and when we leave, I’m trying to balance it all out. History and writing are now several times a week. Workbooks are less important because they are easier to take with us. Karen is studying Pilgrims and colonial America. Richard is up to WW2. Somehow I have to get her up to the civil war and him to the end of 20th century. This is the last of American Story 2 which we were supposed to finish last year. Right now he’s reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. I was going to do some writing tonight, but decided to let him read more instead.

I’ve been doing some thinking and planning for next year (6th and 3rd grades). Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I’m not sure about social studies for Richard. Both of them will study health. Richard will just go into more depth. They will both continue in their current math, language arts, and reading programs. They are doing fairly well with science packages. I was probably going to do one of Sonlight’s core science kits (F?) for him next year.



Math: Math-U-See

Language Arts: Christian Light

Reading: Christian Light, literature

Science: Sonlight science 5/6 (health, first aid)



Math: Christian Light Math 300

Language Arts: Christian Light

Reading: Christian Light, literature

Science: Abeka health 3 (health, first aid) 1 semester

Handwititing: Christian Light cursive practice

History: American Story 2