Happy birthday to me, NFL cheerleaders

Today is my birthday. Just a few more and I’ll be 40. That still sounds old to me. LOL. Anyway… Last night we went to a local Italian restaurant downtown. We were seated way in the back room for some reason even though they weren’t busy. There were 2 men back there finishing their meal when we arrived who left soon after.

While we were looking over menus after giving our drink orders, a large group of stylish young people arrived and were seated at the big table opposite us. OK. I’ve been around large groups before. Usually they are a little loud at times, but still tolerable. These people were worse. They didn’t even try to be quiet. Grrr. Well, maybe after they calm down and order they will be more quiet.

NOOO! They continued their loud talking all through the meal. At times, my husband and I had to literally shout to hear each other across the table and it wasn’t that large of a table. Very impolite and frustrating. If I’d have thought of it, I’d probably have asked to be reseated in the middle of the meal. But I didn’t.

As we were leaving, the older woman at the neighboring table who was also with the group apologized. However, she had made no attempt to quiet them down so it seemed a bit insincere. My husband asked where they were from since it was obvious by their conversation (which we had not choice but to listen to all during our meal) they weren’t local, and was told the group were NFL cheerleaders who were brought up for a Super Bowl party for the military. I’m sure many people would be thrilled to share a semi-private dining room with a group of NFL cheerleaders, but I’m not one of them. I guess they are going deaf from all the crowds or just so used to yelling they can’t talk normally anymore. Anyway, it rather put a damper on enjoying my birthday meal.