New fitness blog

I have finally started on the fitness blog I discussed earlier. It’s FITNESS, JUST DO IT!  I don’t have much there yet, but keep checking back in. I’ll post new fitness, diet, and health topics there including nutrition tips, exercise reviews, and personal fitness reflections. So check it out and let me know what you think. I’ll still post here too. I just wanted to break the fitness part away.

A year later, 7 pounds heavier

Ugh. Down. Up. Down. Up My weight has fluctuated over the same 7 pounds for the past year. 😦 Although I haven’t been following a fad diet, I now know why they call most diets yo-yo diets. My problem is lack of commitment long term. I know I can lose the weight. I’ve done it several times. I just need to stay with my plan long term and not give in to temptation as much.

I have all the tools and knowledge I need. Several of Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet books, a subscription to a fitness magazine, and 4 different exercise DVD programs and on my shelves attest to that. I need to take them off the shelves and put them in my life, permenantly. Not just a few days, weeks or month. No. I need to eat healthy and exercise daily.  That’s the same advice I’ve given countless others, but fail to follow myself. Let’s face it. I’ve become a hypocrite and hate it.

That realization yesterday sparked this post and determination to change (again!). I used to use my job as a fitness instructor to help manage my weight. However, since I quit due to personal reasons last spring, my weight has inched back up. I’m now heavier than ever. I know exercise will help not only lose weight, but also combat the winter blues.

I can already hear the old excuses raising their heads. I’m too tired at night. The house is too cold in the morning (54 yesterday because the fire went out during the night. Its 62 as I type this.) No convenient place to shower since I don’t go to the gym anymore. The kids. An unpredictable schedule. Family wants to watch videos together in the living room.

The good news is that I can fight many of these. Although there’s not much I can do about the morning temperature when fire goes out. We bought a DVD drive for the small laptop so I can exercise in my room while the someone is watching tv in the living room. Lack of shower is nasty but won’t kill me like being overweight will. The kids have started encouraging me to exercise since they know it helps my mood and they are old enough not to get into mischief while I do.

I read recently that of the people who make exercise a New Year’s resolution and actually start a program, only 40% will stick with it until May. That’s a disturbing statistic. I don’t want to be included in that, but fear if I continue as I have this winter that I will be. No more excuses. I’m going to reaffirm my motto: FITNESS- JUST DO IT!

Good carb, bad carb

I’m not a nutrition expert. I have taken some couses on it though. Carbohydrates seem to be a point of confusing for many, especially dieters.
Fruits, veggies, sugar, and grains are all carbohydrates. Your body uses carbs for energy. Generally when people refer to “carbs” when dieting, they are referring to grain carbs. However, grain carbs are not all the same or all good for you. Simple grain carbs are bad. They have no fiber and very little actual nutrition, but are mostly empty calories. They are things made from processed/refined grains. Usually they are white since the fiber and germ has been removed. Since they have no fiber, they are quickly digested and spike your blood sugar faster. Complex carbs like from whole grains have the fiber which slows their digesting so you don’t spike blood sugar as much. Plus, the fiber fills you up and keeps you full longer so you eat less.

Fruits and veggies have natural sugars and fiber in various amounts. They are good for you, unless you are diabetic and need to more strictly manage blood sugars. They are usually lower in calorie than grain carbs and have more nutrition so you should eat more of them than grains.

You should generally have about 1/4-1/3 of your daily calories from grains (preferably whole grains), but 1/2 of your foods should be fruits or veggies. Have lots of different fresh fruits and veggies with each meal and as snacks instead of things like chips, cookies, crackers, bars, etc. Even supposedly healthy varieties and 100 calorie packs aren’t as good for you. An easy way to do this is divide your plate into quarters. First fill half the plate with veggies. The other quarters are for whole grains and lean protein.