Mail ordering a car

Living in Alaska, we mail order a lot of things including clothes, electronics, medicines, and books. Well, today you can add cars amount that list.

That’s right. I said we mail ordered a car. We’ve never seen the actual car in person, just an image on the dealer website. However, my husband test drove a similar one in Europe and was impressed enough to try to buy one if we could find it.

It’s the Nissan Leaf all electric car. They are very hard to find and not currently sold anywhere in Alaska. We located one in Spokane, Washington and arranged purchase over the phone. The paperwork was sent to us by mail and we mailed the completed package back this afternoon. So we have officially bought a car via mail order. 😆

Now we will go down in a couple of weeks to bring it back. The car goes about 100 miles on a charge (which takes 8 hours) so we are going to put it on a trailer and tow it to Alaska. We will likely have to wait until spring to get the quick charge unit since there are no authorized ones for sale in Alaska until then. However, it can be plugged into a regular wall outlet without it. That just takes overnight to fully charge instead of a few hours.

Fairbanks was where Nissan did there cold weather testing so it should do fine, but we still don’t plan to drive it in the middle of the winter. Supposedly, there is a super cold weather package you can get for up here, but that won’t be available until spring and is pretty pricy. So for now, we’ll park in when the mercury drops.


4 Responses

  1. So did you get the car yet? Interested to hear how it works. I found both the last car we bought and one for my mom on the internet. Didn’t actually buy on-line because we were able to go the dealerships. I did reserve a test drive. One was a 2008 Subaru Legacy to replace our 1991 Legacy. So we knew what we were getting.

  2. Yes. We hauled it back late October. Only drove it a few weeks before it got too cold. You’re not supposed to use it below zero. Now it’s in the garage until spring. When we first got to the dealership, they had it in a small display room with a Model T. Wish I took a picture of that. Both were black. Would have made a great then and now picture. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it until the next day. By then, they’d moved the Leaf out so we could drive it away.

  3. Would be interested in hearing how the car works for you.

  4. I’ll be writing more about it after spring break-up when we start using it again.

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