A new covering

While on my way down to Kodiak, I spent some time with my friends in Wasilla.  We were discussing headcoverings and I asked her how hard the veils are to make. Their  Mennonite church wears the mesh bonnets rather than veils. Before they moved to Alaska, they attended a church where the women wore veils and still has some.

Anyway, she went to her room and brought one out for me to try. It was way too big. However, it gave me an idea of how they should fit. I liked it and asked her if she had any patterns I could look at. She did.

I picked out a fabric and we sat at her big kitchen to start working. Since my church does not regulate the pattern or type of headcovering, I decided on a blue with small yellow flowers instead of the traditional white. Well, my husband arrived and we didn’t have time to finish it.

Wonderful woman that she is, she finished it and mailed it to me. It arrived this week along with a copy of the pattern. It hangs about the same length as the kerchiefs I had been wearing. It is lighter though since it is just one layer of cloth. The bottom is rounded and held closed with a snap rather than pointed and closed with a knot. So the overall effect is more feminine and distinctly Christian. I love it!


2 Responses

  1. It sounds nice. The hanging veil is easier to wear than the kerchief, I find, unless I specially make the kerchiefs with ribbon ties. I stil prefer kapps. They stay on better for me.

  2. I found that using clippies instead of bobbie pins or straight pins to hold it on helps.

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