Fitness update 2011 #4; eating clean(er)

Hi all! I’m pretty excited this morning. My weight has been steadily down. I’m now at 165 (again). I’m also pleased to say, that while my weight was up, it still stayed under 168, which was my previous plateau weight. So what changed recently?

First, we (hopefully) quit eating out as much. We’d been eating out nearly every day because of the old excuse of being too busy and away from home. Well, last week, I decided enough of that and started packing our lunches or stopping at the store on the way to the job site. As a result, we only ate out three times and I tried to make healthy choices there.

Tuesday was my son’s 9th birthday and he wanted Taco Bell. I avoided the fried, cheese loaded and greasy beef options and had been burritos. Our twice monthly company meeting was Thursday at Pizza Hut buffet where I had just 2 slices of pizza along with 2 large salads with very little dressing and lots of healthy toppings such as broccoli, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds. Yesterday we had court. Afterwards for lunch we went to Subway where I had a 6 inch ham and turkey on honey oat with soup and tea instead of my usual foot long with chips and soda.

Last weekend, I went to the bookstore and bought 3 Eat Clean Diet books by Tosca Reno. I’ve been reading the Eat Clean Diet Recharged one this week. Lots of good, practical  information about how and why eating proper nutrition is essential for weight loss and management. Don’t let the word Diet in the titles fool you. They aren’t traditional crash/fad diet books that you follow for a few days or weeks to meet your short term goals. Instead, diet refers simply to all the foods you eat. It’s a long-term eating program, you can follow it for the rest of your life without any negative side effects.

Calories are not restricted. Instead, focus is on eating a balanced diet of healthy, natural foods instead of processed junk.You eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, moderate amounts of lean protein and healthy, complex carbs like whole grains. While there are healthy, natural  fats like from olive oil, fish, and nuts, there are NO unhealthy fats such as from processed foods. It is low sodium and low sugar. However, she says you can still have occasional cheat days. This helps you keep from feeling deprived. This is exactly like what I’ve been saying for several months now. It’s great to see it in print to help me work out some details.

One thing, while not a new concept, is a new thing for me to follow. This is eating smaller meals more frequently. Studies have shown that it is better to eat 3 medium meals and 2 or 3 healthy small snacks instead of just 3 large meals. Eating smaller more frequent meals keeps your blood sugar more constant. This gives you a steady supply of energy rather than peaks and slumps. It also helps keep you from binging because you aren’t ever super hungry.

I suspect I have an ulcer. Having an empty stomach makes it hurt worse, so eating smaller meals allows me to avoid being overly full or empty. Processed foods with unhealthy sugars, refined carbs, and fats are hard on your system and can worsen the ulcer. Another good reason to eat clean since you avoid processed foods!

The Eat Clean Diet books lay out menus for weeks of meals and snacks to follow or use as example. Very easy. One of the books is a cookbook complete with picture for every dish. While I won’t be following the menus exactly, yesterday we went shopping and bought lots of fresh fruits, salmon, sliced turkey, plain Cheerios for quick healthy breakfast, and some more veggies.

So if you are looking for real solutions to weight loss and tired of fad diets that don’t really work, get The Eat Clean Diet, clean out your kitchen and start eating healthy. No more counting carbs, points, or calories. It’s easy and it works!


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