Educator book discount

I was at a local chain bookstore yesterday to check out the new Eat Clean Diet book. It’s called The Eat Clean Diet Stripped by Tosca Reno and is designed to help you use proper nutrition, not fad diets, to lose the last 10 pounds.They had 2 other Eat Clean Diet books that I grabbed as well. After skimming them for half an hour in the store, I decided to go ahead and get all 3 plus the bonus edition on abs from Oxygen magazine. Lots of good information on the benefits of healthy eating as well as nutritious, flavorful recipes in them.

The cookbooks were a bit expensive, $20 each. The magazine was about $5. When I got to the counter, the clerk asked if I was a member of the book club. I’m not. I do get an educator discount of 25% on most books. I did not consider these books to qualify. However, she did. I guess they qualify as nutrition education, especially considering the childhood obesity epidemic. I certainly won’t argue. I wound up spending just $50, instead of the $65 I was expecting. Thanks!

So next time you are at a bookstore, try your educator discount. You may be surprised just what will be allowed.


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