Yesterday I had  a pretty major disagreement with someone over what I thought was a small thing. Apparently the other person thought it was more of a problem that I did. Anyway, when I left her, she was very angry. We were both upset. Arguing was getting neither of us anywhere, except more angry and stubborn. This is often typical of most arguments.

Well, I was still pretty upset about it today. Not mad anymore, just upset that it happened. We both felt we were right. We both can be pretty stubborn. Again, this is often typical of most arguments. God had a different idea, forgiveness.

My husband said repeatedly that I needed to apologize to her for the disagreement today. I didn’t get a chance since I was running late when I briefly stopped at the office this morning. On the way to our job site, the Christian radio program was about forgiveness. At the job site, my husband asked if I had made up with her. Then on the way home, another radio program about forgiveness. Even the children’s Christian story time on the other Christian station was about forgiveness.

OK, I get the point!

So, I called her when I got home. Apparently she was feeling pretty much the same as I was. We had a nice conversation and settled our problem, both listening to and then forgiving the other. This is where most arguments lack.

We all have disagreements and arguments. That’s only human. Afterall, we have different interests, understanding, and ways of doing things. Still, Romans 12:8 tells us “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” Part of that is practicing forgiveness for disagreements large and small.

The word forgive is found 95 times in the Bible. This includes the specific word forgiveness which is found 8 times, all in the New Testament. Jesus came to be the forgiving sacrifice of our sins. That’s a big thing. If God can do that for man, certainly the least we can do is forgive each other.


2 Responses

  1. Often, arguments aren’t really about the subject at hand. You may have walked into someone else’s bad day! So what should be a minor thing turns into a major argument. Apologizing doesn’t mean you are conceding that you were wrong, as you know – it just means you are sorry that the discussion went the way it did and you know you could have handled it differently. I try to explain this to our young people – that the best way to get over an argument and retain a friendship is to apologize and open the door to forgiveness by both parties. God bless you for having the courage to post this!

  2. I felt led to post this. I had such peace after I forgave her and wrote this post.

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