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For all of you with links to or any affiliated sites beware!  “Can you please remove any and all links to or related affiliate programs? We have an automated check in place for those and if you continue to use them your site will be suspended.”

This was part of an e-mail I received today from WordPress. So if you are reading this and have any links to BeachBody or their products, please update your posts. Perhaps they are concerned about all the “coaches” using WordPress to market themselves. That’s understandable since many of the blogs aren’t really personal blogs, but advertising. WordPress is supposed to be non-commercial so selling from the blog is a no-no. However, some of them are mostly fitness info and just also happen to try to sell you BeachBody products.

I am not a “coach”. The only links I had were to products that I use in case people were curious what the program was about. I never tried to sell anything. Saying no linking to BeachBody for everyone is unfair. I did reply to ask why. I’ll let you know what they say.

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  1. This is one reason I switched from a WordPress blog to Blogger (I *am* a coach, but I still blog about other things. I would like to be able to promote my business, which Blogger lets me do).

    For someone who is not a coach just including links (as you’re doing)- well, I don’t think that’s fair.


  2. I was wondering why you switched. You were actually one of the blogs I was thinking of when I said some of the coaches blog about other things but are also promoting their stuff on the same site. I’m sorry you moved, but glad you found a new blog home.

    I went the other way. I went from Blogger to WordPress. I had trouble making changes in blogger and got frustrated. WP is easier to make changes for beginners.

  3. I left Blogger because of all the garbage, ads and porn blogs.

  4. Wow, Awesome posts! Why are you not a coach!! It sounds like you would be a GREAT fit! Do you know any of the coaches in Fairbanks? I know one. I’m in Eagle River!! Anyway, keep up your fitness journey!!! SMILES!!

  5. Smiles,

    Always great to hear from a fellow Alaskan.

    No. I’m not a “coach”. I’m a fitness instructor at a gym here in Fairbanks though. I don’t really have the time it would take to properly do a BeachBody coach business. Bessdes being self employed full time and working part time at the gym, I’m a part time student studying for a Health Fitness Specialist degree. Plus, we homeschool our 2 kids. And I do freelance writing. (Some things I start as blog posts, end up published for real instead!) That’s enough right now. I’m keeping it in the back of my mind though…

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