Whew! It’s only 11am?

This has been a hectic morning. It started with one of the apartment furnaces going down 7am. My husband went to deal with it. Half an hour later, another one went down. I had to wait awhile to call him because he was out of the room. Anyway, I finally notified him about it.

While he was dealing with furnaces, I started usual morning chores. I tried to light the wood fire at our house. It was very stubborn. Each time I thought it would stay going, it would go out. That went on for almost an hour before it finally took off. In the meantime, most of the firewood we have left are partly rotted pieces that don’t burn well or are too knotty for me to split.Still, I managed to scrounge enough to keep it going until he got home and could split some good stuff for me. I’ll mix the good and bad to keep it going today.

Next chore was dishes. I should have done them last night, and now regret not doing so. I got the water heated on the stove. Then I poured out some pots I had soaking overnight. That was a mistake. Our sink drain isn’t held together very well. I’ve been careful about not pouring a lot down it at once so it doesn’t come apart. I got distracted and forgot this morning. Ugh! Rather than going down the drain, the drainpipe came apart dirty water and went all over the bottom of the cupboard and onto the kitchen floor. Yuck!

I sent the kids to their rooms. The smell was awful. Then I got some rags and mopped up the water. Next I got a pail and mixed some bleach water the clean the floor and bottom of the cabinet. I have a fan blowing on the cabinet because of water that got between the cabinet bottom and floor. I hope it doesn’t ruin the flooring under there. I’ll probably leave the fan on all day just to be sure it gets dry.

Not done yet. The next problem was homeschool. We took Thursday off because both my husband and I had to go to court (Day 3 of a trial that was supposed to be only 1 day. Most trials of this kind are actually less than an hour. It’s still not done either. The judge is not happy about continuing to a 4th day and neither are we. But that’s another story…) So anyway, my son can’t find his pencil. Finally found a pencil and tied it to his desk. He’s supposed to be working on math now, but he really wants to work on science because its on the computer. He tends to goof around a lot in the process of doing science. He kept sneaking out to try to work on it so my husband changed his password.

So now the fire is going nicely. Floor is clean and drying. Wood is split. Furnaces are fixed. K is half done with her school. R is finally working on math. It’s only 11am!


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