Great arms routine

I love Oxygen magazine. It’s a women’s fitness magazine. Once you overlook all the protein and other supplement ads, it has great advice for realistic fitness including weight training, cardio, and clean eating. Not much fad programs. Just real exercise routines and advice that works. They do a fantastic job explaining how to do the exercises and give both beginner and advanced options.

This month’s edition (March 2011) had wonderful arms weight routine. I tweaked it a bit and came up with a great arms routine that I tried last night. I just have to share it. For great looking arms, you must work more than just the biceps. You must also work the triceps, forearms, and shoulders. My Oxygen inspired routine does that. You can mix it up or do bis then tris. I like to alternate bi and tri to save time then forearms and shoulders.

According to the magazine, if you do it 2-3 times/week (on non-consecutive days) you will get results in 3 weeks. This routine takes me 15-20 minutes. Don’t forget to spend a few minutes warming up and to stretch before and after.


Lying triceps extension: lay on your back on a bench (or even the floor like I did last night). Have a weight in each hand and raise your arms straight up with a slight bend in the elbow.  Bend your elbow until the weights are just beside your ears and your elbow is bent 90 degrees. Then extend up again. Beginner 8-10 reps, 1-2 sets. Advanced 10-12 reps, 2-3 sets. (each arm)

One-arm triceps kickback: From a runner stance, bend forward. You may rest the arm not working on a bench or chair seat. The other arm holds a weight with palm facing the hip and arm parallel to the floor. Bend the elbow while keeping the shoulder still. Then straighten and repeat. Beginner 8-10 reps, 1 set each arm. Advanced 10-12 reps, 2 sets each arm.


Alternating biceps curl: Just like the name implies you are going to do both arms but alternate so as you lower one arm, you will raise the other. Palms face up forward. Shoulders are still. The motion is at the elbow. Beginner 10 each arm, 1 set. Advanced 15 each arm, 2 sets.

Hammer curls: stand with arms by sides palms facing hips with a weight in each hand. Bend the elbows raising both hands while the shoulders are still. Lower and repeat. Beginner 8-10 reps, 1-2 reps. Advanced 10-12 reps, 2-3 sets.


Rest forearm on a surface so your elbow is bent 90 degrees and your hand is over the edge palm up. Use a lighter weight. Extend the wrist to lower the weight. Bend wrist to raise weight. The rest of the arm should be still. I placed my other hand on my arm just below the elbow for stability. Beginner 8-10 reps, 1 set. Advanced 10-12 reps, 2 sets.


Lateral raise: There are 2 versions. One has straight arms, the other bend the elbow 90 degrees. The bent elbow is easier. Both start with upper arms by the side (either straight or bent elbows). Then raise arms out at shoulders until the upper arm is parallel to the floor. Return to starting position. Beginner 7-8 reps, 1 set. Advanced 8-10 reps, 2-3 sets.

Front raise: start with arms by side holding weight with palm facing back (overhand grip). Raise arm straight in front until it is parallel to the floor. Return to starting position, then raise other arm. Beginner 7-8 reps (each arm), 1 set. Advanced 8-10 reps, 2-3 sets (each arm).

Don’t forget to spend a few minutes warming up and stretching before and after. This routine takes me about 15-20 minutes.

I got A’s!

This semester I took 2 classes- kinesiology and human anatomy. From what I’ve heard, these are the hardest 2 classes in the program, especially doing it online. Well, grades are in and I got A’s in both! This means I still have a 4.0 GPA.

As my regular readers know, I am working on an associates degree as a health fitness specialist. It is an online degree. Toward the end, I will have to do an internship, but for now everything is online except reading the textbooks. I am almost halfway through the program.

Unfortunately, I’m now broke so I can’t take anymore classes until I’ve saved up more money. I am not getting any student loans or other financial aid. I’d like to get a scholarship or grant since I’m getting such good grades, but don’t have time to find one. There are several business classes that I have to take and hope to start them in the fall.

BeachBody links

For all of you with links to or any affiliated sites beware!  “Can you please remove any and all links to or related affiliate programs? We have an automated check in place for those and if you continue to use them your site will be suspended.”

This was part of an e-mail I received today from WordPress. So if you are reading this and have any links to BeachBody or their products, please update your posts. Perhaps they are concerned about all the “coaches” using WordPress to market themselves. That’s understandable since many of the blogs aren’t really personal blogs, but advertising. WordPress is supposed to be non-commercial so selling from the blog is a no-no. However, some of them are mostly fitness info and just also happen to try to sell you BeachBody products.

I am not a “coach”. The only links I had were to products that I use in case people were curious what the program was about. I never tried to sell anything. Saying no linking to BeachBody for everyone is unfair. I did reply to ask why. I’ll let you know what they say.

Fitness update 2011 #3

Great news: I’m finally at 165! This was supposed to be my weight goal for last month, perhaps even January. Still, better late than never. At least the scale is going down instead of hovering 167-170. It seemed to take forever to get under 166, but I made it.

Part of the reason it has taken so long is that I have not been at all consistent about working out other than teaching my water aerobics class twice a week. For one reason or another, it seems as if things always get in the way of my exercise plans. First was court. It was supposed to be a 1 day trial. Most of this sort take only a few hours at the most. However, this one has dragged on 3 days over as many weeks and we still aren’t done yet. The judge reluctantly agreed to continue one more day next week. Ugh! Then we had the flu. Then mid-terms. Next week is finals, then I’m off until October. I’ve started week 1 of Turbo Fire several times, but only got through it once. Still, I’m not throwing in the towel.

We’re starting to get up earlier to get our hours ready for vacation to Florida, which is 4 hours ahead of us. Day before yesterday I used that “extra” morning time to do a workout. That seemed to be a good time. Hopefully, I can keep it up. The workout was Fire 45 (can’t remember if it was the EZ or not). It was a lot of fun. I didn’t do the New to Class ( only had 45 minutes), but was able to keep up on all but one part. Since they do each part several times, I was able to pick it up so by the last time I was fine. I swam with the kids last night and hope to get in a Turbo Fire workout this afternoon during a study break.

A few things I am doing with my diet are helping. First, we enjoy tuna sandwiches, coleslaw, and other things made with lots of mayo. However, I discovered that replacing between a third and half of the mayo with plain yogurt still tastes the same but is fewer calories, even using whole milk yogurt. Mayo has 90 calories per tablespoon. The yogurt I use (Nancy’s Honey Yogurt with whole milk) has just 10.5 calories per tablespoon. Quite a big difference.

I have been building my meals around the veggie, not the meat and starch. For instance, last night was backed chicken, steamed carrots and baked beans. I shared a chicken breast with my daughter and had just one scoop of the beans. The bulk of my plate was filled with steamed carrots. I could barely finish it all. Yes. I get hungry a bit sooner, but then have a small healthy snack like fruit or small handful of nuts. I also stopped unhealthy snacking at night. That was a biggie for me. The kids still have their bedtime snack, but I no longer snack along with them unless it’s fruit.

So, you can see that small changes can and do add up to real change. You don’t have to change everything at once. Start with small substitutions like fruit for snacks or using “yonaise” (yogurt and mayo mixed). Then get moving! Studies have consistently shown that diet and exercise together are more effective for lasting change than either is alone.

Whew! It’s only 11am?

This has been a hectic morning. It started with one of the apartment furnaces going down 7am. My husband went to deal with it. Half an hour later, another one went down. I had to wait awhile to call him because he was out of the room. Anyway, I finally notified him about it.

While he was dealing with furnaces, I started usual morning chores. I tried to light the wood fire at our house. It was very stubborn. Each time I thought it would stay going, it would go out. That went on for almost an hour before it finally took off. In the meantime, most of the firewood we have left are partly rotted pieces that don’t burn well or are too knotty for me to split.Still, I managed to scrounge enough to keep it going until he got home and could split some good stuff for me. I’ll mix the good and bad to keep it going today.

Next chore was dishes. I should have done them last night, and now regret not doing so. I got the water heated on the stove. Then I poured out some pots I had soaking overnight. That was a mistake. Our sink drain isn’t held together very well. I’ve been careful about not pouring a lot down it at once so it doesn’t come apart. I got distracted and forgot this morning. Ugh! Rather than going down the drain, the drainpipe came apart dirty water and went all over the bottom of the cupboard and onto the kitchen floor. Yuck!

I sent the kids to their rooms. The smell was awful. Then I got some rags and mopped up the water. Next I got a pail and mixed some bleach water the clean the floor and bottom of the cabinet. I have a fan blowing on the cabinet because of water that got between the cabinet bottom and floor. I hope it doesn’t ruin the flooring under there. I’ll probably leave the fan on all day just to be sure it gets dry.

Not done yet. The next problem was homeschool. We took Thursday off because both my husband and I had to go to court (Day 3 of a trial that was supposed to be only 1 day. Most trials of this kind are actually less than an hour. It’s still not done either. The judge is not happy about continuing to a 4th day and neither are we. But that’s another story…) So anyway, my son can’t find his pencil. Finally found a pencil and tied it to his desk. He’s supposed to be working on math now, but he really wants to work on science because its on the computer. He tends to goof around a lot in the process of doing science. He kept sneaking out to try to work on it so my husband changed his password.

So now the fire is going nicely. Floor is clean and drying. Wood is split. Furnaces are fixed. K is half done with her school. R is finally working on math. It’s only 11am!