Fitness update 2011 #2

My Turbo Fire program is off to a great start! I’m not doing the Inferno (5-day rapid loss quick start) but still have lost 2 pounds so far this first week. I’m now at 166, which is the lowest I’ve been in more than a year! Even my husband agreed that Turbo Fire was a good investment for me, and he’s been skeptical about it. Until this morning’s weigh-in that is! I’m so excited.

I only managed to do 4 of the 6 workouts, along with instructing my 2 regular water fitness classes. Yesterday I did an hour of Aqua Zumba and swam laps for 25 minutes instead of Fire 45 because my knee was still sore. It’s feeling better today so I’ll just skip it and move on to the regular workout for today.

Along with the exercise, I’m eating healthy including reasonable portions. I do still have things like cheese and sour cream. However, I have more lower calorie items like veggies to help account for it. Today I had a yummy cookie at the bank. You don’t have to deprive yourself to lose weight. You just have to have moderation. One cookie instead of 3. A single serving of dinner. Don’t munch! That’s the biggest thing. Keep snacks under control. Fruit and veggies instead of chips, crackers, bread and butter, or leftovers for snacks really makes a difference.

I’m eager to see what the next week holds. It’s addicting. One drawback is my sweat pants are getting too big. Luckily they have a draw string. Unfortunately, this style is only sold in September and October so I can’t get a smaller pair until next fall. I was smart and bought both large and medium shorts though.

Fitness update 2011 #1; Light the Fire!

My fitness goals changed a little last year. I started in September to teach water fitness classes at the Alaska Club up here. I love the idea that I get paid to exercise. However, I’m up on deck in a swim suit twice a week. I really need to get in better shape for my class. Regular cardio wan’t doing it very well, so I decided on Turbo Fire. If yesterday’s workout and how I feel today are any indication, it’s going to be just what I need.

I just started Turbo Fire yesterday. It’s the latest home fitness program with Chalene Johnson from Beach Body. Wow! It’s unlike any exercise program I’ve ever done before. The routine was 30 minutes, but whew. I was sweating, heart pumping, muscles going just about the entire time. I didn’t finish it (had to get ready for kid’s friend birthday party after 20 minutes). Even so, I’m feeling it today all around my core, back, glutes. As well as a little in my arms (mostly triceps, which is a good thing) and legs. I plan to repeat the routine today so I can do the entire thing. The workouts are shorter than traditional cardio, but much more intense.

I’ve been chatting with another woman who recently started Turbo Fire. She lost 4 pounds and 4 inches last week! You don’t diet with this program, it’s too intense for that. You eat very healthy and pay attention to portion control. You need to eat to fuel the Fire.

I’m impressed with the nutrition guide that came with the program. It has a lot of things that I’ve been doing already. Plus, she doesn’t have you overloading on protein like a lot of new exercise programs do lately. You eat 3 medium size meals and 2 healthy small snacks like fruit, veggies, or nuts. You divide your plate for meals like I’ve been doing with half for veggies, quarter for whole grain carb, and quarter for the lean protein. Believe it or not, you actually get full faster like this because of the fiber in the veggies, yet you have fewer calories than building the meal around the meat or carb like typical American meals with a few veggies on the side.

Fun? Yuck! Not me!

I was on Yahoo! Answers today. There was a sidebar ad for a company. The slogan was 90% off the Funnest stuff in town. That’s fine, but the picture was 3 big burgers, dripping sauce from 3 places each. No wonder we have an obesity problem in the US, when this is what they show for the funnest stuff in town. Not shopping or movies, or the numerous other healthy things fun to do, but food. Greasy, food at that.

Plus, it was in the diet & fitness section of Y!A which I find extra annoying since many people there are looking for real diet and fitness advice. They don’t need 3 juicy burgers staring them in the face.

Getting Fired up

I just got a great deal on Turbo Fire exercise program on E-bay ($65 plus just $8 shipping for the full kit). I’m excited! It sells for twice that and $25 shipping on Beach Body. The seller says it will ship Monday.

So what is Turbo Fire? It’s a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program staring Chalean Johnson from Turbo Jam. There are 15 DVD’s. You follow a schedule for 90 days. HIIT burns more calories in less time. I’m already in fairly good shape and need to blast my workouts. This should do it. I need to let my heel heal first (no pun intended, it hurts). Hopefully, I can start in mid or late January.

Check out the promo video:

It won’t be easy, but I’m going to give it my all. So by summer using Turbo Fire along with my healthy eating plan, I will be nicely fit.

Back to basics for 2011


I’m going back to basics in 2011. Simple living priorities like family time, eating healthy, and exercising daily are tops.

I’ve started losing weight again and want to keep that going. From 4-5pm each day except days I teach at the gym, I’ve set aside as my exercise time. Too many things were getting in the way, so it needs a higher priority again. I’m going to start with the Turbo Jam I have, but am considering other Beach Body programs. We’ll see how well I can stick to the time schedule first. I also will be staying at the gym on days I teach to do some strength training after class. There’s some great routines from Oxygen magazine that I want to try.

We’ve been eating too much junk lately. Not so much fast food, but junk in general. That’s got to stop! Here’s how. When shopping consider an 80/20 principle. 80 percent of the food should have no label like from the produce section or be whole foods like fresh lean meats, eggs, rice, dry beans, and oatmeal. Bagged veggies (frozen or fresh) without sauce count here as well, but not canned The other 20 should be healthy things with labels like whole grain pasta, cereal, and bread; natural cheese; low sodium spaghetti sauces; and dairy. Avoid heavily processed foods. You’ll do most of your shopping from the outer aisles.

Breakfast has been cereals, mostly sweets, recently. Starting tomorrow, we will have oatmeal with fruit and milk again. Sweet was fun on vacation, but now it’s time to get back to a fit family so we don’t become a fatter family. My lunch will be a salad with spinach, fresh veggies, (also chopped turkey or egg?) with a piece of homemade multi-grain bread for lunch.  I’ll be dividing my dinner plate into quarters. First fill half with fruits and veggies, The other quarters are for the lean protein and whole grain carb. This will help limit calories and ensure I get plenty of fruits and veggies. If I’m hungry between meals, snacks will be healthy like fruits and veggies. Tomorrow is shopping day, so I’ll be replacing the junk with healthy alternatives (see above).

It still amazes me sometimes, with all our high tech gadgets and time saving things, how most of the healthiest lifestyle choices are still the oldest and least complicated. Things like eating healthy real foods, getting daily exercise. Taking time to relax. So even though I don’t have a very high tech life, I’m going to drop back even more and return to basic health. Hopefully this will help me to lose the 45 or so pounds I need to.