Power cardio music

Is your workout dragging? Are you tired of the same music? Do you need something to pump up with but not anything dancy? I found  a great power cardio music CD. Even though it says cardio, it will work well for motivating weight training workouts too.

It’s the Biggest Loser Workout Mix Volume 2: Np Pain No Gain. On Amazon it comes with 3 discs. I bought it at Sam’s Club and has 2 discs.  The disc in the set that gets my workout going best is the modern rock hits cardio. Lots of pulsing, hard driving beat songs. They are decent length, most over 4 minutes. It is 130-140 BPM (except song 3 at 159). The transitions between songs is good too. It doesn’t leave you hanging with empty space or suddenly jerk into the next song. For me, it’s just what I needed to energize my cardio workouts again!

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  1. Many physiological responses the body will happen with aerobic training. A person’s aerobic capacity will be higher. There will be an increase in trained muscle capacity which is from the capacity to utilize and mobilize fat that is resulting from high amounts of fat metabolizing enzymes as nicely as increased blood flow. The body also experiences higher development of slow twitch muscle fibers, increased myoglobin content which is essentially an iron-protein compound inside muscle that acts to store and transport oxygen to the muscle. Aerobic exercise improves the body’s use of oxygen, thus increasing the capacity to store it and transport it, which outcomes in greater slow muscle twitch fibers.

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