Back to my books

It’s now time for me to get back into studying. My fall quarter started yesterday. However, due to a scheduling mix-up, I wasn’t able to start until today. Plus, I didn’t even order the books for one class until today. I thought I was registered for a different class. I got bad advice. I thought Kinesiology was the pre-requisite course for Anatomy but it was the other way around. Ugh. Luckily, the first few chapters of the book are available online. Hopefully my books arrive soon.

So I’m taking 2 classes: Human Anatomy & Physiology and Introduction to Exercise Science. The Exercise Science is your general introduction course. I don’t think it will be super hard and I already have the book.

The anatomy on the other hand looks difficult. Even in the syllabus it says most students find it challenging. Yikes! Lots of terminology to memorize, which I’m not good at. Give me a topical focus and I’m fine. Make is super specific and I blank out. The first quiz is due Sunday. Talk about a quick pace! I hope I can keep up considering I don’t have the books yet.


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