Aqua Fit

As my last post said, I am now a water fitness instructor at my gym. The class is called Aqua Fit and meets twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings. So what is Aqua Fit?

Aqua Fit is an hour long freestyle water fitness class. It’s a little of this and a little of that, and hopefully a lot of fun. We start with a warm up and stretch. Generally, this is the same every time. Then we do about 20-25 minutes of cardio. This segment is similar to water aerobics classes. Then comes conditioning. First we do some body weight exercises like leg lifts. Then we get out the toys, either noodles or hand “weights” for strength and toning exercises. Some days we may do squats and push ups or calves.

I teach from on the deck. This allows students in the water to better see what I am doing. Some instructors teach water classes while in the pool, but being short, I find it is easier to demonstrate proper form from the deck. My class seems to like me up on deck like the last woman was. I just need to remember to modify so I don’t jump. This is bad on the knees because of the hard concrete and tile.  There are padded rubber mats for on-deck instructors, but we don’t have one at my gym. I’ve asked them to consider getting one.

Water fitness classes have many advantages. You use the water for resistance so you don’t have to do as many reps. It’s lower impact and easier on joints. It is especially beneficial for people with joint problems because of the lower impact you can exercise in the water but not on land. Just about any exercise that can be done on land, can be done in the water. You can do some exercises in the water that you can’t on land because of the buoyancy.


3 Responses

  1. This looks familiar. It seems that aquafit is like TurboFire on water. Just my opinion.

  2. The water seems easier when in reality it is actually harder. When we are in the water with the water line above our chest, our resting heart rate drops 15-18 beats per minute.

    Water exercise is not for wimps.

    Yes, like any exercise program you can cheat but you are only cheating yourself.

    Keep moving and remember to target tone those legs. The legs have the largest and longest muscles. Cardio is great but you will not change your metabolism without changing your muscle structure.

    You have the program correct. I would only change one thing – stretches later on in the class – not directly after the warm up and not all stretches together. The water can get cool for some and interspersing the stretches seems to make everyone happier.

    I just think water exercise is allot more fun than land. But I know my knee joints will shout out me if I don’t tone those muscles that protect my knees.

  3. I vary the tempo of the exercises to keep from cooling off. My boss insisted on the beginning stretches after getting complaints when I tried leaving them out. I do the same ones at the beginning after 5 minute warm up as at the end of class.

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