Aqua Fit day 1

Last Wednesday was my first day teaching Aqua Fit water fitness class at my gym. As I posted recently, I was hired to teach the evening class twice a week. The woman I was taking over from was there to help guide me through it. I taught most of the class, but she kept me from getting lost when I forgot the routine. After class she spent over 2 hours just talking and going over things with me (I must have put in and taken out the pool stairs a half dozen times) and gave me her phone number.

Everyone at the gym has been very encouraging of my taking over this class. The class was very supportive Wednesday night too, at least no one left in the middle and some had encouraging comments to me after class. I just need to be sure to YELL. We have no mic for the pool and I’m normally soft spoken. Hopefully they will give me a chance and I can keep the high member attendance the prior woman had.

The woman I am taking over from suggested I write out a routine to follow so I’ve been working on that. However, it’s harder to get the right timing without having music. Hopefully at least one of my orders will be in Monday’s mail. So far I have the warm up and stretch (which doubles as the cool down) as well as the strength portion using dumbbells written. That just leaves the cardio section which is about 20-25 minutes. I’d also like to have a noodle part to change up with the dumbbells by Wednesday.

I spent some time last week talking to the fitness director and we re-named the class as Aqua Fit. I’m keeping the format, but want to energize it more. To help me do that, I ordered some music last weekend, but it isn’t here yet. I’m a bit concerned because the next class is Monday night.  I ordered Biggest Loser 80’s remix, a general cardio remix, and an Abba remix. The Abba is the original songs with an added beat track to standardize the tempo. It’s actually well done and full of energy. I need my music!

This week I’ll be assisted one evening each with the two other water fitness instructors. Then I’ll be on my own unless I ask for extra supervision days. The fitness director was going to stop by on Monday.


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