The Astronomy Book

It’s back to school time. Many parents, both homeschool and regular school are ordering books for their kids education. Astronomy is a hot topic. I want to warn you about one popular book, The Astronomy Book part the the Wonders of Creation series. It is a $15, hardcover, 80 page book with full color illustrations that’s supposed to be a children’s science text. I recently ordered it and am greatly disappointed. I would not recommend it at all. Here’s why.

This is a terrible book for teaching science! It is a fair book for creation propaganda, but lousy for scientific fact. For every scientific fact, there are 3 creationist parts that give no specific scientific backing (either to support or refute). I am a conservative Christian, but this book goes too far.

It seems to go out of the way to debunk scientific facts, yet provides no research to contradict or as rebuttal proof (only a few Bible verses). There are only 14 end notes for the entire book. Most of them are references to single pages in journals and magazines.  I wouldn’t mind it if they give proof, but there isn’t anything. Yet, I know there is research that back the Biblical creation view. I’m disappointed this book didn’t give any. With books like this, no wonder many people say Christians are illiterate to science.

For instance it says on page 14, “Some scientists claim the universe is anywhere from 7-20 billion years old. Scientific data do not support theses estimates. In fact many types of scientific evidence indicate the universe is only a few thousand years old.” No footnotes or anything is given to support this statement. This book is full of generalizations like that without referencing specifics.

It gives the impression that hypothetical situations are imaginary rather than simply theoretical. Page 16 says “Believers in cosmic evolution say that a hypothetical (imaginary) event called the big bang started the universe.” By putting imaginary in parenthesis, it is misleading and voids the scientific method. A hypothesis isn’t imaginary. It is a theory. Therefore a hypothetical situation isn’t imaginary, it’s theoretical. This kind of bias is again without documentation for either side, yet there is abundant research for both. Just because you do not agree with a contradictory hypothesis, it does not make it imaginary. Hypothetical and imaginary do not mean the same things nor should they be used interchangeably like this. If they want to say cosmic evolution is imaginary, they should just do so, not confuse kids in the correct use of hypothetical.

It uses such vague phrases as so-called, somehow, of course, some, and in fact throughout the book. These phrases have no place in a scientific text. There are lots of large pictures and drawings. The font is larger than most science texts (even for elementary school level science texts). I can only assume this was done to make the book longer. I would not purchase the other books in this Wonders of Creation series either, for the same concerns and problems exist with them.

This book is a poorly researched, pro-creationist persuasive essay themed on astronomy, not a science text as evidenced by the last page. The last page seems to almost say all science is evil and a waste of time. “Cosmic evolution and astrology trap many people in systems of belief which prevent them from ever coming to Christ for salvation…come to Jesus Christ alone for personal salvation can have wisdom and intelligence simply by asking Him for it (James 1:5). Why should we search anywhere else?”


4 Responses

  1. Generally speaking, evolutionary theory is primarily classified as a product of the biological sciences, the study of life. Science Nature

  2. It’s good of you to call attention to this sort of propaganda. While I don’t believe in the theory of evolution, I am a Christian who does believe in the validity of astrophysics. We don’t need to try to match all scientific theory and research to Genesis; the Bible can be the Bible and physics can be physics without any conflict, in my opinion. I come across this sort of woolly-brained thinking with people who try to “prove” that atomic decay can’t be consistent, so carbon-dating can’t tell you how old something is! And I have no idea how to begin to show them they have been misinformed.

  3. Magdelena,
    There is no reasoning with them. I’ve tried too. Like I said, I wouldn’t have minded so much if they provided some research specifics to back it up, but they just had generalized statements with no proof for either side. Very unprofessional. I’m taking this book to the recycling center. We don’t want our kids reading this kind of “science”.

  4. Science Nature,
    Yes. Biology is the study of life, and evolution is a biology related theory. However, Biology has given many, many useful non-evolutionary breakthroughs. So to say all biology is wrong because some biologists believe in evolution just doesn’t make sense.

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