My own aqua class

Wow! Suddenly my temporary on-call substitute position has turned into a regular twice a week position. The wonderful woman who has taught the evening class for several years has decided to move on.  Since I was already attending her class they offered me the position as instructor. I was expecting this, but didn’t think it would happen until later in the winter. I start on Wednesday night.

I’m excited but nervous. The class has morphed over the years from the original water aerobics description. It’s now a combination of water aerobics and strength/tone. I’ll probably keep it that way. As such, I talked with the fitness director and we came up with a new name for it: Aqua Fit! She wanted the word aqua in the title but nothing very long like “aqua aerobics, strength and tone” would have been. I wanted fit so I wouldn’t be tied to any pre-set format. We combined and both like the results. This is good timing because the new fall schedule starts Tuesday, so the new class name and updated description should be in it.

This morning I went to the gym and talked briefly with 2 other water instructors who will be helping me as I first get started. The water aerobics class is tomorrow. I’d like to go and see how she runs it and get ideas.  I’m nervous taking over someone else’s class like this. Several of the other participants are very loyal to the current instructor and don’t show up if there is a sub. Hopefully they will accept me as the new instructor since I was part of the class.


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