Ready, Set, School!

The kids have both been begging to start school. My son went to visit his aunties last week. I told them we would start school when he got back. Well as soon as he got into the truck at the airport they started asking when we would do school. We usually start mid-August.

I was late ordering, but we do have enough things to begin, mostly finishing up from last year. So it looks like Monday will be our first day of school at The Kitchen Table Homeschool. Don’t you just love that name? It seems very appropriate because my kids always say they go to school at the kitchen table when someone asks  😆

Today I started organizing. Why was I still keeping my son’s old kindergarten workbooks since he’s going to be in 4th grade this year? Out they all went. In fact the stack was a foot and half tall of old workbooks and such that we don’t need anymore. Then I combined items from several different boxes into one double width box. His CLE workbooks are on one side and hers are on the other. After tracking down the other first grade teacher guides, I’m pretty much ready. In the process, I discovered the first of the two second grade readers and teacher guides are missing. I also realized I forgot to order the plan books to record the work they do.

I think it is important to start the school year off with a clean house. I’ve been sick this week so our house is rather messy. Instead of a mad dash to do it all at once, I’ve been doing it a little at a time throughout the day. I even prodded the kids to start cleaning their rooms.

We need to buy just a few school supplies. However, since we homeschool, we can still use most of the things from last year that are still in good condition like crayons and pencils. That’s good because money is tight right now and I don’t think we could afford a huge school supply list.

I’ve laid out the guidebooks and workbooks for Monday. We are all getting back into our earlier sleep schedule. The reward for finishing school will be a trip to the post office to see if any new materials have arrived.

Ready, set, school!


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