Fruit and thorns

Today we went raspberry picking. As anyone who’s ever picked raspberries knows, they are thorny bushes. These were no exception.

The berries were on a small slope beside a road. Apparently other people had also picked berries in this location because there was a path worn down. This area has not only raspberries, but also blueberries and low bush cranberries.

The raspberry bushes were loaded. However, many of the lower, easy to reach patches had already been picked.  While there were still some small berries low down, to get to the better berries we had to climb the slope and fight the thorns. Not only raspberry bush thorns but also wild roses. Plus there was vetch (a creeping vine) tangling the bushes and grabbing ankles.

Were there still usable berries low down in easy to pick spots? Yes. Were they the same size and quality of those higher up? No, the lower ones were much smaller and poor quality. While we could have been content to pick the lower slope, we wanted the better berries. We had to brave the thorns on the steep slope to get the better fruit near the top. We managed to get about a gallon of raspberries in an hour and a half.

Often our Christian walk is like picking berries. We can be content with the small fruit on the lower, easy path or we can strive through the thorns for the better fruit higher up. Is the walk always easy? No. However, you will be rewarded with much better fruit. So I challenge you to press through the thorns in your life.


2 Responses

  1. “Beautiful”!!! So well done!!! 😀 😀 Jesus is worth the Press.

  2. Pat,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such an encouraging comment. Glad you enjoyed it.

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